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Please note: The Founders first language is not English so the manuals can seem confusing at times.
It is understandable and I am here to offer any assistance if it is needed.

Abundance Creative Energy-$15.00

Abundance Energy Amplification-$39.00

Abundance of Golden Rain-$36.00

Alcohol Addiction Removal-$22.00

Auric Energy Attachment Clearing-$33.00

Authority Power Of Bear-$23.00

Beauty Venus Flush-$26.00

Biomagnetic Spectrum-$35.00

Black Blast Reflector-$45.00

Black Castle Protection-$15.00

Bliss Connection Stabilizer Device-$29.00

Body Consciousness Enhancement-$41.00

Body Power Cleaner-$15.00

Brain Electricity Energetic Booster Reiki-$50.00

Breast Care-$43.00

Centered Spiritual Violet Frequency-$27.00

Clearing Blessing Sphere-$41.00

Communication Energetic Booster-$34.00

Depression Disorder Flush-$33.00

Dragonfly Vibration Harmony-$30.00

Dynamic Happiness Flush-$27.00

Dynamic Self Regeneration-$35.00

Electrochemical Body Endurance-$40.00

Empathy Negative Attachment Protection-$39.00

Energetic Body Recovery Device-$26.00

Energetic Refutal Removal Device-$15.00

Energetic Vortex Materialization-$27.00

Enhanced Mental Flush-$26.00

Everlasting Love Light-$27.00

Fighter Spirit Energy-$26.00

Fire Rainbow Energy-$26.00

Genius Mental Expansion-$41.00

Glorious Fire Purification-$26.00

Glowing Sphere of Pearl-$36.00

Golden Armor Energetic-$29.00

Golden Growth Accelerator-$26.00

Great Eye of Heaven-$35.00

Green Clearing-$21.00

Green Spark Connection Integrator-$36.00

Harmony Of Conflict-$35.00

Healing Power Of Love-$43.00

Healthy Mind Empowerment-$40.00

Heart Peace Vibration-$26.00

High Attraction Vortex-$35.00

High Dolphin Healing Frequency-$41.00

Higher Connection Booster-$38.00

High Golden Frequency-$31.00

Higher Eye Manifestationt-$26.99

Holy Flame Infusion-$37.00

Hug Healing Power-$26.00

Indigo Sharp Lasers-$38.00

Inner Child Trauma Relief-$42.00

Inner Clarity - Maintenance of Mind-$62.00

Leader Wisdom-$32.00

Life Force Energy Cone-$45.00

Lotus Clear Light-$26.00

Love & Heart Care-$31.00

Luminescence Indigo Light-$26.00

Lunar Energy Rain-$35.00

Mental Aid Kit-$35.00

Mighty Ant Energetic-$26.00

Past Issue Release-$35.00

Pink Blossoms Bliss Reiki-$29.00

Pink Relations Energy Attunement-$27.00

Platinum Ring Mate-$55.00

Roaring Lion Reiki-$38.00

Rose Quartz Energy Radiant-$19.95

Sacred Hamsa-$15.00

Shining Bright Energetic-$32.32

Silver Flash Energetic Device -$27.00

Smile Empowerment-$25.99

Snow Energy Generator-$35.00

Solar Fire Crystals-$50.00

Spirit Essence of Enki-$34.00

Spiritual Fire Energy Healing-$30.00

Star Charger-$21.95

Turtles Wave Protection-$30.00

Universe Energetic Connection-$27.00

Venus Symbol-$20.00

Violet Shooting Spectrum-$40.00

White Mental Light-$26.00

White Waterfall-$32.00

Will Power Energy Support-$38.00

You will receive the correct Jalu Wasonoadi Course master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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