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Empathy Negative Attachment Protection

Created by Jalu


Many times in our lives we walk into a room and can feel the palpable energy of a fight or argument. You wake up one morning in the best of moods, but when you arrive at work, you feel like crying and hiding away from everyone. Has this happened to you?

Do you get angry if someone else is? Do you cry when a friend of yours starts to cry; even if you donít know the reasoning?

Empathy is the capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings (such as sadness or happiness) that are being experienced by another sapient or semi-sapient being. Someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy before we are able to feel compassion and further LOVE.

Empathy absorbs thoughts and feelings which were energy from others. This energy will affect us more than we can notice either it's positive and negative energy. It has prolonged power to influence our auric body and energy systems.

Unfortunately, negative words and emotions are the strongest and easiest to attach from others energy radiance. These negative energy transmit through the atmosphere; those of us sensitive enough can "tune in" even without trying. Therefore it is important for us to protect ourselves from absorbing them while still being able to "sense" the energies around.

Being an empaths can be annoying and confusing if we can't recognize what the truth of ourselves. Just like other gifts in the world, it is an ability that is very important to helping people in their lives; knowing when someone is saying one thing and doing another, understanding a friend who is going through personal issues and much more. Learning to use it positively is the key. There are many books on the market about auras and empathy. Take the time to learn about your gift and you will benefit others and yourself in the future.

Empathy Negative Attachment Protection

Empathy Negative Attachment Protection is powerful energy system to protects our energetic body against negative energy attachments during our day to day life which we may feel it through our empathy.

Empathy Negative Attachment Protection enhances our feelings to present compassion and love through empathy. It gives a filter to all energy that we are achieve during days and provide a shield for negative energy absorption to being transformed by our heart chakra into compassion and love.

Empathy Negative Attachment Protection give a balance through inner inspection to sweep the feeling that not belongs to us. Thus it is brings a clear way to our inner Truth and handle the instability emotion. The excess energy directed into the core of Mother Earth as grounding and turn back to remain our well being.

Empathy Negative Attachment Protection also influences our mind to stay in calm and positive direction. The energy stimulates the abundance possibilities within us and attract much more from surroundings. This system is suitable for healer to be more sensitive about energy field and can help them to recognizing the root of their client's issues. For them, it promotes intuition through deep understanding from what is happened.

Empathy Negative Attachment Protection helps us to treat blood pressure, heart disease, toxic release, vein and circulatory problem. It improves our main center or heart strength to keeps it function. It is maintaining our blood flow fluently through veins and feed our body with nutrients to sustain our well-being. It also enhance our lungs ability to breathe in the life force energy of oxygen and be utilized by our energy system.

Empathy Negative Attachment Protection - Master-$39.00

You will receive the Empathy Negative Attachment Protection manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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