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Spiritual Awakening Network

Spiritual Awakening Network


Online Since 2001


In the interest of Universal Peace and Harmony we offer over 2000 Workshops for Spiritual Attainment, Self-Realization, Life Enhancement & Healing of the Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies.

We Believe In One God, One Truth & One Church: The Universal Church Of The Brotherhood Of Mankind.

We Specialize in Advanced Energy Work, Attunements, Shatipat, Initiations and Empowerments, many unique to the Spiritual Awakening Network.

Thank you Victor, the cumulative effect of all the workshops I have taken from you so far has been life changing for me! So yes, it is amazing what the attunements and all the energies can do for someone, which is why my wish is that everyone should take these workshops! I hope and pray your workshops will be available for a long time to come! Thanks again, and thank you for all this great Divine Work! Regards and Blessings, Sal

Some of our Workshops include: Sanctuary, Five Element Empowerments, Dragon Reiki, Golden Shakti, Maha Golden Shakti, Kundalini Reiki Advanced, Extasis, Zakara, Chakra Tantra, DNA Rainbow Boosters, Eye Of Horus, Shamballa's Diamond Light, Pleiadian Jewels & Krishna's Wish & many more not found anywhere else on the planet!

Importantly, our goal is to aid people in reclaiming their Loving Light energies so they may awaken to a state of wholeness, inner security and total health.

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"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed. It was the experience of mystery--even if mixed with fear-- that engendered religion." -Albert Einstein

We offer Free Attunements, Healing Mandalas, Prayer Cloths and strive to alleviate suffering by our Healing Request program.

Our large library of free study material provides wonderful opportunities for personal and spiritual growth for you.

Since 1994, our Powerful Workshops have made us the best option as your source for unique instructions, and powerful Initiation ceremonies.


Our mission, passion and purpose is to help people grow in the experience of God's LIGHT!

We do this by actively researching new information as it surfaces and by developing new Attunements, Empowerments, training programs and healing tools that promote Spiritual Consciousness and knowledge of our creator's holiness!

Facilitating the Ascension of your Higher Self energies into your day-to-day experience is of paramount importance.

We strive to be a Beacon to improve healing and spirituality, always focusing on the goal of trusting in the Highest Power regardless of what one chooses to call it.

Whether you are looking for Reiki or New advanced Energy Workshops, Spiritual Awakening Network is the perfect choice for you.

"A divine force shall flow through tissue and cell and take charge of breath and speech and act.

All thoughts shall be a glow of suns and every feeling a celestial thrill.

Often a lustrous inner dawn shall come lighting the chambers of the slumbering mind; a sudden bliss shall run through every limb and Nature with a mightier Presence fill.

Thus shall the earth open to divinity and common natures feel the wide uplift, illumine common acts with the Spirit Ray and meet the deity in common things.

Nature shall live to manifest a secret God.

The Spirit shall take up the human play, this earthly life will become the life divine."- Sri Aurobindo

Spiritual Awakening Network

Spiritual Awakening Network


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