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Healing Mandalas

Divine Vibrations!

Our Mandalas below have the ability and power to act as conductors for Spiritual and Physical Healing Energies.

Look at the desired Mandala in a relaxed manner at least 5 minutes - 2 or 3 times per week. Let the energies into your eyes and then let the Energies spread throughout your body and Aura.

Just quiet your mind and ask that you receive the specific energy! It is okay not to feel it but you will receive some benefit in any case.

You will receive the treatment if it is appropriate for you to do so at this time.

Empowerments for these Mandalas are available increasing their effectiveness 20 to 50%.

If you have any special Needs, Please make your concerns known to me and I will do the best I can to Help you.

I hope these Divine Mandalas serve to Alleviate the Suffering of ALL Sentient Beings and May The Dawning Of A New Day Bring You The Realization of The Peace And Bless That Is Your Divine Birthright.

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Build Immunity

Destress Eyes After Computer Work

Fortify Concentration

Fortify Whole Body

Increase Energy


Lessen Headaches



Receive Inspiration

Strengthen Eyes

Strengthen Heart

Tone Stomach


Hi-I've been using those mandalas you've created for about half a week. They are amazing! Mostly I've been using the one to fortify the entire body. Yesterday, I used the one for Tranquility, and within two minutes the whole right hemisphere of my brain was burning and tingling. A minutes after that the right side of my face started tingling. Those mandalas are so very powerful! - Jose

Hi Victor--Thank you my friend! Love, Mike

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