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Black Blast Reflector

Created by Jalu Wasonoadi

It works to protect you from all types of negative energy attacks & heals energy to send back as positive energy and more.

Jalu writes in his manual:

Negative energy, consciously or unconsciously can disrupt or damage the vibration energy, subtle body. That negative energy can be emitted by a person intentionally or unintentionally. Negative energy emitted by accident it could come from the people around us, when they are angry, depressed, stress. Behavior that is done, it contains negative energy that sooner or later can affect the mental, emotional, physical and even other people around them. Vibration is absorbed along the negative energy we communicate with them from time to time.

Many of the victims are not aware if the energy is absorbed slowly, the effect of the damage comes from stress, emotional unstable, easily hurt. Negative energy emitted intentionally is a form of direct or indirect attacks intended to undermine the psychological mentally and physically.

Negative energy that was brought directly collided with the victim energy. There are attacks that do not require a long time to cause damage effects, and some that require time. Usually it depends on the purpose of the attacker, the size of the radiated energy, or the distance of the location of the victim with the attacker.

Black Blast Reflector is a system that works to protect you from all kinds of negative energy attacks that come from people around you or people you do not know . These systems form an energy field that will protect you.

Level 1.

Functioning as a protector. Works by changing or transforming the negative energy that comes into positive energy and absorb it to strengthen the protection of your energy field.

Level 2.

Functioning as a healer. Changing or transforming the negative energy that comes into positive energy and reflect back to heal those who attack you from negative energy.

Black Blast Reflector - Master-$45.00

You will receive the Black Blast Reflector master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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