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Higher Eye Manifestation

Created by Jalu Wasonoadi

- manifest goals and establish a clear path -

Higher Eye Manifestation is a strong and energetic tool that channeled to help in manifesting our goals and to establish a clear path. Manifestation of your purposes will happen into your reality through its connection with the high vibration of Divine Source. It alsol contains a strong positive vibration.

In daily social activity you may absorb a lot of negative energy through word, visible sight, sounds, taste and mind of another people. You might found your-self fall into a depressed state.

Higher Eye Manifestation work with Muladhara Chakra (manifestation), Ajna Chakra (Clear vision and Knowledge) and Sahasrara Chakra (Divine Insight and Wisdom). They works together to attract all positive and highest energy of the universe to change our life, particularly if we are going through major times of transitioning, to new circumstances in our life. It helps with re-birthing and assists us to re-organize and restructure our life.

It aids to remove old patterns, so it helps us to deal with adapting to new situations. Its action will enhance our ability to develop our intuition and it may aid in learning to be psychic. It is specifically useful to allow us as see any negativity within our-self, and it has a positive vibration. This helps to drain out negative thoughts and will aid us to begin to think in new ways, as it stimulates positive thought.

Higher Eye Manifestation- Master-$26.99

You will receive Higher Eye Manifestation manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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