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Harmony of Conflict

Created by Jalu

How many times do you find conflict in your life in a single day.

How often you can clearly see the truth path of what is happening to yourself? How can you then respond to the situation or moment of conflict in the future?

We as human egos always see our selves before others. We always connect with our "identity" rather than our truth self.

This is the main cause of our self conflict that is presented as confusion, anxiety, worries, fear, jealously, envy, etc. These emotions happen because we always remember our historical identity.

This is a "fragile identity" rather than our "true identity". In our social interactions, this "fragile identity" often is weak to express itself correctly. This causes suffering from moment to moment as we were experience life.

We need to be harmony with our "true self". Any conflict can serve different purposes, for reminder, warning, caution, lesson and for our "true self" meaning. These purposes serve our "true Self" to exist; to express itself in our day to day living. When the True Self is blocked with others identity, it acts as a reminder/ lesson and when it clear, the conflict acts as a remainder of our "truth Self" to always express correctly in every words, thought and actions.

Harmony of Conflict helps us to relearn what we have forgotten, teaches us to understand pain and suffering of abuse, mainly of love and how to change it. We could say it is a new beginning in the way we view, feel and relate to love!

It helps us to present harmony and compassion bringing community together for the greatest good. This system also increase our love and compassion for plants, mineral and animal kingdoms.

It is good for us and our children to learn love in both mind and spirit. Thus we can radiate Love and Beauty of our "Truth Self" , and to co-create and express it in every aspect of our life.

This system presents a harmonious within body, mind and spirit as Truth Self and within our interaction with surroundings as Self Expression. It works at the Self level.

Harmony of Conflict- Master-$35.00

You will receive the Harmony of Conflict manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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