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Stephanie Brail's Courses

10 Bodies-$40.00

11:11 Angel Attunements-$40.00

Abundance Flush Empowerments-1 & 2-$22.00

Abundance Flush Empowerments-3 & 4-$22.00

Abundance Flush Empowerments-5 & 6-$22.00

Abundance Flush Empowerments-All Empowerments-$52.00

Agape Reiki-$15.00

Age Of Aquarius-$15.00

Advanced Reiki Level 4-$32.00

Akal Empowerment-$17.00

Allowing Abundance-$9.95

Anger Release Empowerment-$11.11

Answered Prayers Reiki-$17.00

Appreciation Empowerment-$11.11

Asking Forgiveness-$17.00

Attraction Reiki-$55.00

Aura Repair Reiki-$17.00

Auric Flush Empowerment-$15.00

Baba Siri Chand-$15.00

Bear Reiki-$25.00

Bonding Empowerment-$10.00

Breakthrough Reiki-$22.00

Broken Heart Empowerment-$17.00

Chakra Flush Empowerment-$15.00

Chakra Healing Attunements-$85.00

Chakra Repair Empowerment-$17.00

Clearing Symptoms Empowerment-$17.00

Deep Healing Reiki-$25.00

Deprogram Self-Punishment Empowerment-$17.00

Divine Energy Transformer-$20.00

Divine Mary Protection Empowerment-$17.00

Divine Shakti Empowerment-$17.00

DNA Flush Empowerment-$25.00

Earth Connect Reiki-$27.00

Emotion Flush-$17.00

Energetic Alignment Attunements-1-7-$40.00

Energetic Cleaning Empowerment-$20.00

Energy Builder Attunements-$38.00

Etheric Cord Flush-$15.00

Etheric Cord Shield-$10.00

Fearless Reiki-$25.00

Flame Universal Love-$15.00 or Free

Gabriels Financial Empowerment-$17.00

Get Unstuck Empowerment-$17.00

Giving Thanks Empowerment-$15.00

Golden Scroll-$15.00

Good Karma Reiki-$26.00

Good Sleep Empowerment-$32.00

Grounding Empowerment-$15.00

Guardian Angel Reiki-$28.00

Guilt Release Reiki-$17.00

Guru Ram Das Miracle Empowerment-$17.00

Healing Flush Empowerments-Levels 1-6 $17.00 Each

Healing Flush Empowerments- 1-6-ALL Levels-$45.00

Highest Good Reiki-$20.00

Infinity Body Attunement-$15.00

Inner Light Reiki-$22.00

Inner Strength Reiki-$15.00

Inspiration Reiki-$25.00

Intuition Reiki-$15.00

Kuan Yin Blessings-$10.00

Life Path Reiki Level 1-$30.00

Life Path Reiki Level 2-$30.00

Life Path Reiki Level 1+2-$50.00

Light of Forgiveness Reiki-$28.00

Light Of Angels-$32.00

Light of the Soul Reiki-$27.00

Light of Truth Reiki-$28.00

Lion Reiki-$15.00

Love Flush Empowerments 1 & 2-$15.00

Love Flush Empowerments 3 & 4-$15.00

Love Flush Empowerments 1-4-$25.00

Mangala Charn Empowerment-$17.00

Mental Flush 1 & 2-$17.00

Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer Protection Reiki-$17.00

Merdian Flush Empowerments 1-10- Levels- 1 & 2 Clear Blockages-$35.00

Merdian Flush Empowerments 1-10- Levels- 3 & 4 Past & Present-$25.00

Merdian Flush Empowerments 1-10- Levels- 5 & 6 Yin and Yang-$25.00

Merdian Flush Empowerments 1-10- Levels- 7 & 8 Insight and Inspiration-$25.00

Merdian Flush Empowerments 1-10- Levels- 9 & 10 Insight and Inspiration-$25.00

Merdian Flush Empowerments 1-10- All Levels -$90.00

Money Angel Reiki-$15.00

Money Protection Reiki With Archangel Zadkiel-$27.00

Money Reiki Level 1 -$27.00

Money Reiki Level 2 -$27.00

Money Reiki Level 3 -$45.00

Money Reiki New Reality-$15.00

Money Seed-$15.00

New Life Reiki-$29.00

Old Energies Release-$15.00

Om Namah Shivaya Empowerment-$19.00

Open Heart Reiki-$29.00

Outside Influence Protection Empowerment-$15.00

Positive People Empowerment-$20.00

Prosperity Alchemy Reiki-$20.00

Protective Blessings Empowerment-$17.00

Protective Bubble Reiki-$15.00

Psychic Clarity Empowerment-$17.00

Psychic Contamination Flush System-$17.00

Psychic Protection Flame-$10.00

Rahma Spirit Empowermenty-$20.00

Reiki Battery-$20.00

Reiki Vacuum-$17.00

Releasing Resistance Reiki-$26.00

Rejuvination Empowerment-$10.00

Removing Negative energy-$20.00

Scarcity Mentality Flush-$25.00

Scarcity Release Empowerment-$11.11

Self Love Reiki-$28.00

So Purkh Empowerment -$15.00

Soul Mate Reiki-$25.00

Soul Money Empowerment-$17.00

Soul Relationship Reiki-$17.00

Spell Clearing Empowerment-$20.00

St. Anthony Abundance-$15.00

Subconscious Clearing Empowerment-$22.00

Tiger Reiki-$25.00

Toxic Family Shield/End Of July-$22.00

Triple Shield Empowerment-$20.00

Worthiness Reiki-$32.00

Zodiac Reiki-$75.00

$15.00 dollars for ANY single Course Below:
Email (shantivictor@gmail.com) the name of the course you want:

1. Clearing Shadow Paths Empowerment

Email-The Name Of Course You Want-Above
All Are Master Levels-$15.00 each

Request A Free Course Below Every Time You Take One Above

  1. Clear The Path Reiki
  2. I Love You Empowerment
  3. Light Bringer
  4. Lighten The Load
  5. Long Time Sun Blessing
  6. Make A Wish Blessing
  7. Money Freedom Empowerment
  8. Om Empowerment
  9. Spirit Directed Reiki Method

You will receive the correct Stephanie Brail Course master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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