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Meridian Flush Empowerments 1-10

Meridian Flush 1 & 2 is by Jose Gonzales and Merdian Flushes 3-10 are from Stephanie Brail.

Meridian Flush 1 & 2
Clear Blockages

The Meridian Flush Empowerments helps to clear energy blockages and balance your meridians.

It is one of the strongest Meridian Flushes available at this time.

You will feel the energy flowing through you as soon as you are attuned to Level 1.

After your Level 1 Empowerment you will be able to activate the Flush which will last for up to 5 hours.

Level 2 will increase the Cleansing of the Meridians and Chakras.

After your Level 2 Empowerment you will be able to activate the Flush which will last for up to 7 hours.

Meridian Flush Master Teacher-Levels 1 & 2-$35.00

Meridian Flush 3 & 4
Past & Present

A continuation of the original Meridian Flush Empowerments (Levels 1 & 2).

This new Meridian Flushes (Levels 3 & 4) provides clearing for past issues and then provides rejuvenation and connection with the present moment.

It is for "Releasing the Past and "Embracing the Present."

If you have old baggage that you need to let go of, these Meridian Flushes will help.

Meridian Flush Master
Levels 3 & 4-Past & present-$25.00

Meridian Flush 5 and 6
Yin and Yang

This course is a continuation of the Meridian Flush Empowerments.

The Yin & Yang Meridian Flushes serve to balance out the male/female energies in the energetic and physical system.

By using these energies, you will enhance your spiritual growth as well as bring more equilibrium to your body.

Ancient yogis used the breath to align the yin and the yang; these flushes will do that and more.

Achieve inner harmony and become the best you can be by having a balanced energetic system.

It is not required that you receive the previous Meridian Flushes prior to receiving these energies.

Meridian Flush Master
Levels 5 & 6-Yin & Yang -$25.00


Meridian Flush 7 and 8
Insight and Inspiration

Meridian Flush Levels 7 & 8 brings in positive energies of insight and inspiration, to uplift the spirit and help the individual follow their true life path.

Meridian Flush Master
Levels 7 & 8-Yin & Yang -$25.00

Meridian Flush 9 and 10
Insight and Inspiration

The Meridian Flush Levels 9 & 10 work on releasing resistance in order to increase the flow of the good and positive in life. The energies are very easy to use and activated by simple intention.

Meridian Flushes levels 9 & 10 are the continuation of the original Meridian Flush systems, but you do not need to receive the previous flush empowerments to receive this system but it is advisable and will greatly aid you on your spiritual path if you have received and worked with these previous levels.

Meridian Flush level 9 works on releasing resistance on the physical and spiritual levels. The physical body needs life force energy to run smoothly. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that when this energy gets stuck

Then physical disease can occur so it is important to release any and all energetic resistance for physical health and well-being to occur

Meridian Flush level 10 helps to bring the energy of flow back into your life. Flow is, of course, easier without resistance so by removing negative resistance in your life you can experience more flow of the universal life force energy. This flow of positive energy shows up as perfect opportunities and connections to people who come into your life at just the right time. Meridian Flush 10 helps to bring that quality of flow back into your life.

Meridian Flush Master
Levels 7 & 8-Yin & Yang -$25.00

Meridian Flush Levels 1-10-Master

All levels in a savings package.

Meridian Flush Master Levels 1-10-$90.00

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