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Abundance Flush Empowerments 1-6

Abundance Flush 1 & 2

Inspired by the very popular chakra and meridian flushes, the Abundance Flush Empowerments work on two levels: One, to remove blocks to abundance, and two, to magnetize the individual to opportunity and prosperity.

This system is exceptionally simple but powerful. While there is no guarantee that it will bring you a windfall, on the day that I received the energy a client hired me and paid me $300 I was not expecting. So the energy can work pretty quickly.

You will receive two attunements and a concise PDF manual.

Abundance Flush Empowerments Master Attunements-1 & 2-$22.00


Abundance Flush 3 & 4

A continuation of the Abundance Flush Empowerments, these new flushes work on the subtle bodies to lift the vibration and help support the soul's expression in the world, thus helping bring in new opportunities and prosperity.

Abundance Flush Empowerments Master Attunements-3 & 4-$22.00


Abundance Flush 5 & 6

A continuation of the Abundance Flush Empowerments, the focus of flushes 5 and 6 is to work on creating stability and space. These energies are designed to help overcome issues of "feast or famine" or "living check to check."

While it helps to have received the first four flushes, it is not a requirement to use this system.

You will receive a concise PDF manual and two attunements.

Abundance Flush Empowerments Master Attunements-5 & 6-$22.00


ALL Abundance Flush Empowerments Master Attunements-1-6-$52.00


You will receive the correct Abundance Flush Empowerment Master Attunements - and correct PDF manual via Email, and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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