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Zodiac Reiki

Zodiac Reiki is a Reiki system based on the twelve signs of the Western astrology system. Whether you believe in astrology of not, these twelve signs have beome archetypes in our culture.

Each sign is imbued with specific qualities-both good and bad-that represent different personal qualities and types of people. For example, people of the sign Aries are often described as impulsive, outspoken, assertive, and yet child like.

Virgos are seen to be methodical and organised. Libras are supposed to always see two sides to every story-Maybe three! While these qualities may not exactly represent the person born under that star sign, they do describe the different essences and faces that we express in our own humanity.

Put together the signs of the Zodiac become a dynamic and potent system that speaks to the essence of our souls. Zodiac Reiki is a complete system comprising of 12 separate systems - one for each Zodiac signs. Each Zodiac sign has its own Reiki energy and mini-manual. Together they make up an entire system.

You will receive twelve distance attunements a master manual and twelve mini manuals a certificate and Lineage sent by email and also receive on-going support.

Zodiac Reiki - Master Level-$75.00

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