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Please note: The Founders first language is not English so the manuals can seem confusing at times.
It is understandable and I am here to offer any assistance if it is needed.

Absolute Power & Sacred Blessings-$25.00

Against Envy Specific Energy-$15.00

Alpha Male & Virility Elixir-$49.00

Ataramagwa Serabbi Olokmn-$22.00

Black Magic Breaking-$15.00

Cleansing The Mind-$20.00

Convert & Reverse Magickal Flux-$49.00

Dragons Blood Essence-$15.00

Explosion of Magickal Winning Powers-$49.00

High Frequency Energy Magickal Source-$49.00

High Frequency Vibrations Vortex-$48.00

Higher Sexual & Mystical Experiences-$15.00

High Vibration-$15.00

Holy Divine Protection Blessings-$50.00

I Am A Tycoon With A Multi Millionaire Mindset-$40.00

Inflammation And Intolerance-$15.00

Jewel of Awakened and Enlightenment-$49.00

Kundalini Awakening & Mystical Meditation-$40.00

Magickal Magnetic Glittering Sphere-$50.00

Magickal Shaman Primordial Power-$49.00

Psychic and Spiritual Gifts of Madam Lenormand-$18.00

Mind Control Shield-$15.00

Mystical Blessings of Business Prosperity-$49.00

Mystical Fire of Health and Longevity-$49.00

Mystical Vortex of Supreme Awareness-$49.00

Multidimensional Mastery Power-$49.00

Mysticism and Magic Mastery-$55.00

Orgasmic Blessings-$15.00

Perfect Health Now-$15.00

Seer Shaman Magical Powers -$40.00

Spiritual Transmutation Progress-$50.00

The Dark Purple Fire Elixir-$50.00

The Supremacy Over Everyone & Everything-$15.00

Vows of Celibacy And Chastity-$45.00

$15.00 dollars for ANY single Course Below:
Email (shantivictor@gmail.com) the name of the course you want

  1. A New Beginning A New Success
  2. Black Protector Screen
  3. Caviar Pearls Gold Powder Magical Potion
  4. Divination And Magical Blessings
  5. In Prfect Health Now
  6. I Release Any Pain Suffering
  7. Magickal And Prophecy Wisdom
  8. My every Wish Come True
  9. Mystical Healing And Cleansing
  10. Mysterious Sacred Breath
  11. No Wrinkles On My Face
  12. Seep And Rest Blessings

  13. Email Name Of Course Above- Master-$15.00

    You will receive the correct Scion Course master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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