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Temple Of Empowerment

Mysticism and Magic Mastery

Founded By Scion

Mysticism and Magic Mastery helps you to remember that spirit is eternal and lasts beyond the physical and teaches you the fundamental of mysticism.

helps to remove the veil and allow you to explore multidimensional planes of existence co-existing with the physical plane, when the veil is removed will open a door leading to deeper intuitive spiritual knowledge, awareness and communication.

These energies are a potent catalyst and aid in shamanic journeying and past-life recall,makes recollection of past incarnations much more vivid and facilitates reading the Akashic Record.

It aids your intuition and facilitates spiritual progression through learning the fundamentals of astrology, tarot, scrying, numerology and other occult sciences.

It connects you to all the elemental forces, aids communication with archetypal energies of nature, plant devas, animal spirits , elemental allies.

Allows one to see there are truly no mistakes in life and encourages self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-love.

You will receive the original pdf manual sent electronically by email and 1 distant attunement via chi ball method.

Mysticism and Magic Mastery- Master-$55.00

You will receive the Mysticism and Magic Mastery Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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