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Temple Of Empowerment

Maria Sereno's (Brigitt) Courses

Agar Wood Empowerment-$15.00

Aladin & The Enchanted Lamp Empowerment-$30.00

Andropause Reiki 1-3-$39.00

Angels of Jupiter Energy -$17.00

Angels of Mars Energy-$17.00

Angels of Mercury-$17.00

Angels of Neptune-$17.00

Angels of Pallas Energy -$17.00

Angels of Saturn Energy-$17.00

Angels Of The Moon-$39.00

Angels of the Sun Energy-$17.00

Angels of Uranus-$17.00

Angels of Vesta Energy-$17.00

Anais Nin Empowerment-$52.00

Aphrodite Shining Star Attunement-$9.95

Ba Chua Xu-Vietnamese Prosperity Goddess-$19.00

Beauty Spa-$28.00

Brahmavihara Reiki 1-4-$56.00

Budai Empowerent 1-3-$39.00

Cagliostro Empowerment-$21.00

Casanova Love Empowerment-$26.50

Celtic Signs Collection-Maeve-$17.00

Celtic Signs Collection-Scorpia-$17.00

Cornucopia Empowerment-$34.99

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Reiki-$52.00

Diva Empowerment-$52.00

Egregore 9 Muses Attunement-$33.00

Endless Knot Empowerment-$29.00

Fortuna Virilis Attunement-$26.00

Giving Birth Stones Energy Empowerment-$16.00

Godai Reiki 5 Levels-$35.00

Goddess Albunea-$17.00

Goddess Anna Perenna Attunement-$17.00

Goddess Ba Chua Xu Attunement-$27.00

Goddess Bona Dea-$15.00

Goddess Dana-$12.00

Goddess Fama-$20.00

Goddess Macha-$12.00

Goddess Frigga-$12.00

Goddess Hebe-$15.00

Goddess Ixcacao-$15.00

Goddess Kamakhya-$20.00

Goddess Malavishk-$17.00

Goddess Moneta Attunement-$20.00

Goddess Munthukh Attunement-$22.00

Goddess Pomona-$20.00

Goddess Sadbh -$12.00

Goddess Scathath-$17.00

Goddess Voluptas and Hedone-$15.00

Harmonia Goddess of Harmony-$17.00

Kadesh Love Empowerment-$20.00

Kamasutra Empowerment-$35.00

Kairos Empowerment-$30.00

Madam Lenormand Empowerment-$20.00

Magician Empowerment-$15.00

Magma Cleaning Energy-$25.00

Magma Power Shield-$25.00

Maha Chohan Attunement-$15.00

Marici Goddess of Heavens & Light-$30.00

Menopause Reiki Levels 1-3-$39.00

Musk Essence Empowerment-$9.99

Nine Wonders-$12.00

Oxossi - Green Healing Ray-$32.00

Petalite Empowerment-$19.00

Power Of Hatshepsut Attunement-$21.95

Power of Amazons-$24.00

Prosperity Light of the Goddess Euthenia-$28.00

Radha Krishna Eternal Love Attunement-$25.00

Rose of Jerico-15.00

Seahorse Energy System-$16.00

Secret Garden of The Geishas Reiki Attunement-$52.00

Sex Magic Power Energy-$45.00

Sparkling Light of Flirting Attunement-$24.00

You will receive the correct Maria Sereno's(Brigitt) Courses master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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