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Goddess Bona Dea

Goddess of Woman, Prosperity, Fertility and Protection against Earthquakes- The Bona Dea is a very ancient and holy Roman Goddess of Women and Healing, who was worshipped exclusively by women. . She assists with wealth, wishes, fertility, protection and whatever you wish for.

Goddess Bona De - Master-$15.00

Goddess Carmenta

Invoke Carmenta For: Balancing Emotions, Fertility and the Womb, Visions, Sensuality, Intuition, Receptivity, Love, Psychic Ability, Childbirth/Children, Prophesy

Goddess Carmenta - Master-$17.00

Goddess Cliodhna

Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Love & Beauty - Cliodhna, whose name means “the shapely” is the Irish Goddess of beauty. She has fair hair crowned with the Ferroniere of Allurement and is escorted by three birds, one blue with a crimson head, one crimson with a green head, and one speckled with a gold head, which eat from magic apples and heal the sick with their sweet songs.

Goddess Cliodhna - Master-$15.00

Goddess Hebe

By Maria Joćo Sereno

Goddess Hebe - Goddess of Youth & Immortality Goddess of Youth and with the entire Energy force involved with it. The Goddess Hebe usually provided security and joy to others. The determination and luck are her passport to success.

Goddess Hebe - Master-$15.00

Goddess Juno

Protectress, Queen and Goddess of All Aspects of Woman From Cosmic Goddess Empowerments She is the goddess not only of marriage but of sexuality, beauty, fidelity, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and children. Juno is named for June. Invoke Juno For: Soulmate ~ Marriage ~ Marital Love ~ Sexuality ~ Erotica

Goddess Juno - Master-$15.00

Goddess Ixcacao

By Bridget

The energy of the Goddess of Chocolate help with: Aphrodisiac Sensuality Welfare Uplifting Fertility Abundance Protection Power Releases stress Love & Pleasure

Goddess Ixcacao - Master-$15.00

God Kubera

By Gabriela Szafman

Kuber is the God of Wealth and the Gods Treasurer. He is the dwarf god of the universe. He will empower you with: Money -Good Fortune -Luck

God Kubera - Master-$10.00

Goddess Macha

By Gabriela & Brigitt

Triple Celt Goddess of Sexuality and Strength Macha is the Horse Goddess who embodies essentially the solar spirit, so the noon hour in the sun is at its zenith, this is the best time to invoke her. It is she that will help give more emphasis to your mood, attracting wealth, success and more dynamism to the life of the Lioness Macha was also a leader of wisdom, physical strength, sexuality, fertility, and mastery over men.

Goddess Macha - Master-$15.00

Goddess Mazu

By Rosemary Noel

- For Healing & Second Sight- If you call upon her assist in keeping you safe and allow the flow of life to wash away your troubles when asked and will gift you the desires and wishes of your heart. Mazu has more than 100 and as many as 200 million devotees and over 1,500 temples are devoted to her worship. Mazu helps you reclaim your birthright of the mystical goddess gifts of foresight, divination, psychic insight and wisdom.

Goddess Mazu - Master-$15.00

Goddess Nu Way

By Linda Kaye

Open up your inner divine doors and windows of opportunity and prosperity and expand your true self. You can go beyond the limitations you placed upon yourself as a young child and as an adult and live outside of that invisible box you have placed around yourself. She can help you with relationships, your personal and spiritual growth, abundance and prosperity, love and more.

Goddess Nu Way - Master-$20.00

Goddess Oonagh

By Rosemary Noel

Queen of the Faeries & Goddess of Devotion in Love Relationships - For: Beauty and Attractiveness- Dance and Movement- Divine Magick- Contacting Faeries-

Goddess Oonagh - Master-$15.00

Goddess Pomona

By Brigitt

Goddess of Abundance- Pomona was the uniquely Roman goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards, and her festival, which she shared with her husband Help you with: * Beauty * Inspiring Love * Joy * Abundance * Harvest * Gardening

Goddess Pomona - Master-$15.00

Goddess Rhiannon

By Allison Walton

Goddess Rhiannon Fertility Empowerment helps those with fertility problems. She will help any one as long as they ask for her help, and she will give aid and assistance where it is needed. Rhiannon is a loving Goddess but she is also firm, and she will give you her help as long as you promise her that you will also work with her.

Goddess Rhiannon Fertility Empowerment - Master-$15.00

Goddess Sadbh

By Szafman & Bigitt

Sadbh is the Goddess of the Hunt and the Lady of all things wild. All women who have this archetype are very active, are independent, have their own thinking and are emancipated. Gentle and romantic schemes tend not to impress her. With the temperament governed by fire, they like to disagree with others, just to have a sense of freedom and, even in matters of the heart, always want to have the last word.

Goddess Sadbh - Master-$12.00

Goddess Sarasvati

By Argandini Titisari

Power and Intelligence- Increase human sense of arts & creativity-Has the ability to help for concentration-Upgrading wisdom and consciousness- Accelerate the powers of sense, think, comprehend and communicate-Helps the ability of learning

Goddess Sarasvati Empowerment - Master-$15.00

Goddess Tyche

By Gabriela Szafman

Fortune, Chance, Providence and Fate - The Goddess of Fortune rules individuals' degree of Life and Luck. Including such cardinal things as health, wealth, power, good marriage, and lovely children.

Goddess Tych - Master-$15.00

Goddess Voluprus & Hedone

By Brigitt

The energy of these Goddess“s help you with: Increase sensuality; Increase the physical beauty; Become much attractive; Increase your self-esteem; Increase your sex-appeal; Attracting the attention of others; Increase sexual pleasure; Increase your sex performance.

Goddess Voluprus & Hedone- Master-$15.00

ALL Goddess Workshops - Masters-$175.00
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