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Manuela Fasoli Courses

Please note: The Founders first language is not English so the manuals can seem confusing at times.
It is understandable and I am here to offer any assistance if it is needed.

Almighty Lord Channeller-$40.00

Amsha And Purna Avatars-$15.00

Angel Celeste-$15.00

Angel Chantall-$15.00

Anti Punishment Flush-$15.00

Archangel Auriel Earth Spell Flush-$15.00

Archangel Gabriel Water Spell Flush -$15.00

Archangel Michael Fire Spell Flush-$15.00

Archangel Raphael Air Spell Flush-$15.00

Ascended Masters Etheric Sacred Pyramid-$20.00

Arteriosclerosis Helping Energy-$15.00

Avalonmist Reiki-$25.00

Beauty Magick Cream Flush-$15.00

Bhakti Flush-$15.00

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention-$15.00

Charm Magick Essence Reiki-$25.00

Colon Diseases Healing Energy-$15.00

Come To Me Magick Essence Reiki-$25.00

Comigo Ninguem Pode Magick Flush-$21.00

Crystalline Semi-Stellar Crystals Flush-$15.00

Dysfunctional Patterns Remove Reiki-$25.00

Etheric Luy Liak Magick Talisman-$25.00

Exu Tranca Tudo Spell Flush-$15.00

Fallen Angels Banishing And Protection-$15.00

Flu Healing Flush-$15.00

Healing With Mary Mother Of All Angels-$20.00

Healing With The Grace Of The Real Jesus-$20.00

Healing With The Green Light Of Archangel Michael-$15.00

Healing With The Holy Spirit-$15.00

Healing With The Purple Light Of Archangel Michael-$15.00

Home Problems Fixing Energy-$15.00

Increase Popularity Flush-$15.00

Inner Conflict & Choices Energy-$15.00

Larah Magical Healing Eenergy-$15.00

Long Life Flush-$25.00

Magical Light Blessings-$15.00

Magical Shamanic Drums-$15.00

Marid Djinn Miranha-$25.00

Marie Laveau Essence Reiki-$35.00

Meet My Soulmate Spell Flush-$15.00

Met Kalfou Magick Power-$21.00

Moanja Lemurian Masters-$18.00

Money Recall Magick Essence Reiki-$30.00

Namasmarana Flush-$15.00

Navaratma Etheric Ring-$21.00

Neuroplastic Session Flush-$15.00

Overcome Anxiety & Panic Reiki-$25.00

Pain Go Away Spell Flush-$15.00

Pendulum Flush-$15.00

Pet Healing Flush-$15.00

Pet Psychology Healing Flush-$15.00

Pets Relationships Healing-$15.00

Pleasure & Joy Flush-$15.00

Positive Customers Energy-$15.00

Poverty Energy Flush-$15.00

Powerful Law Of Attraction White Spell Flush-$15.00

Psychic Reading Flush-$15.00

Quantum Hypnotic Regression-$15.00

Radionic Cleaning Reiki-$25.00

Roseann Angelic Reiki-$15.00

Sai De Mim Spell Flush-$15.00

Samskharas Shamanic Cleansing Mastery-$15.00

School Success Flush-$15.00

Sexual Magnetic Device-$15.00

Sexual Pleasure Flush-$15.00

Shylee The Fairy Of Light-$15.00

Spiritual Leadership Flush-$15.00

Spiritual Vows Remover-$15.00

Tarot Reading Flush-$15.00

The 4 Thieves Magick Essence Reiki-$25.00

Theta Flush-$15.00

Time Line Healing Flush-$15.00

Vipassana Flush-$15.00

Voultige Brriere Magick Essence Reiki-$25.00

White Brotherhood Reiki-$15.00

Witch Spells Flush-$15.00

$15.00 dollars for ANY single Course Below:
Email (shantivictor@gmail.com) the name of the course you want

Many of these Systems have Mantras, Meditation, Prayers or Symbols

  1. Abbot Julius Powerful White Magic Pentacle 1
  2. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 2
  3. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 3
  4. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 4
  5. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 5
  6. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 6
  7. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 7
  8. After Life Vision
  9. Akashic Friends Spiritual Healing
  10. Archangel Michaels Healing & Cleansing Tool
  11. Biochelation Eenergy Flush
  12. Blooming Health
  13. Blooming Love
  14. Blooming Love White
  15. Body Holy Shield
  16. Bad Karma Healing Protection
  17. Contact Deceased Ones
  18. Dramas Clearing Flow
  19. Erzulie Magical Energy
  20. Gastroesophageal Reflux Energy
  21. Haniel Energetic Healing Tumors
  22. Health Potection Booster
  23. Hesanthematic Disease
  24. Hora Boo Rite Flush
  25. Hora Kun Flush
  26. Ikighai Activation Flush
  27. Improve Health Magick
  28. Lightworkers Blessings For Cleansings
  29. Lightworkers Blessings For Healing
  30. Lightworkers Blessings For Home & Job
  31. Lyn-Ki Healing Energy
  32. Magical Aura Cleansing
  33. Magical Love Potion
  34. Magick Hat Protection Flush
  35. Magma Power Shield-Master
  36. Marie Laveau Protection
  37. Matotipila Shaman Energy
  38. Meeting My Soul Family
  39. Melchizedek 888 White Magick
  40. Mind Power Magick
  41. Miracles Initiation
  42. Mirror Magick
  43. My Etheric Clone
  44. My Shaman Spirit Healing Session
  45. Mystical Marriage Flush
  46. New Baby Blessings
  47. New Crop Circle Magic-Levels 1-3-Separate Courses
  48. Positive Outcome Energy
  49. Raphael Healing Disease
  50. Red Shaman Stone Energy
  51. Regrets Healing Flow
  52. Salomonic Bethor Spell Flush
  53. Salomonic Phaleg Spell Flush
  54. Samek Yud Theth Flush
  55. Shaman Bhoo For Astral Travel
  56. Shaman Hood Energy
  57. Shaman Hunka Activation
  58. Satsang Sacred Flush
  59. Shaman Dream Flush
  60. Shaman Magick Breath
  61. Shaman Sun Dance
  62. Shaman Magical Drums Flush & Cleansing Tool
  63. Shammasaty Sacred Shaman Energy
  64. Shing Hen Spell Flush
  65. Shin Lha Flush
  66. Talking With Spirits
  67. Talismans & Amulets Charging
  68. Talismans & Amulets Cleansings
  69. The Shaman Magick Breath
  70. Ulhen Bha The Shaman
  71. Woudou Candombla White Loa Flush

  72. Email-The Name Of Course You Want-Above
    All Are Master Levels-$15.00 each

    You will receive the correct Manuela Fasoli Course master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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