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Manuela Fasoli Courses

Please note: The Founders first language is not English so the manuals can seem confusing at times.
It is understandable and I am here to offer any assistance if it is needed.

Almighty Lord Channeller-$40.00

Amsha And Purna Avatars-$15.00

Angel Celeste-$15.00

Angel Chantall-$15.00

Anti Punishment Flush-$15.00

Archangel Auriel Earth Spell Flush-$15.00

Archangel Gabriel Water Spell Flush -$15.00

Archangel Michael Fire Spell Flush-$15.00

Archangel Raphael Air Spell Flush-$15.00

Ascended Masters Etheric Sacred Pyramid-$20.00

Arteriosclerosis Helping Energy-$15.00

Avalonmist Reiki-$25.00

Beauty Magick Cream Flush-$15.00

Bhakti Flush-$15.00

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention-$15.00

Charm Magick Essence Reiki-$25.00

Colon Diseases Healing Energy-$15.00

Come To Me Magick Essence Reiki-$25.00

Comigo Ninguem Pode Magick Flush-$21.00

Crystalline Semi-Stellar Crystals Flush-$15.00

Dysfunctional Patterns Remove Reiki-$25.00

Etheric Luy Liak Magick Talisman-$25.00

Exu Tranca Tudo Spell Flush-$15.00

Fallen Angels Banishing And Protection-$15.00

Flu Healing Flush-$15.00

Healing With Mary Mother Of All Angels-$20.00

Healing With The Grace Of The Real Jesus-$20.00

Healing With The Green Light Of Archangel Michael-$15.00

Healing With The Holy Spirit-$15.00

Healing With The Purple Light Of Archangel Michael-$15.00

Home Problems Fixing Energy-$15.00

Increase Popularity Flush-$15.00

Inner Conflict & Choices Energy-$15.00

Larah Magical Healing Eenergy-$15.00

Long Life Flush-$25.00

Magical Light Blessings-$15.00

Magical Shamanic Drums-$15.00

Marid Djinn Miranha-$25.00

Marie Laveau Essence Reiki-$35.00

Meet My Soulmate Spell Flush-$15.00

Met Kalfou Magick Power-$21.00

Moanja Lemurian Masters-$18.00

Money Recall Magick Essence Reiki-$30.00

Namasmarana Flush-$15.00

Navaratma Etheric Ring-$21.00

Neuroplastic Session Flush-$15.00

Overcome Anxiety & Panic Reiki-$25.00

Pain Go Away Spell Flush-$15.00

Pendulum Flush-$15.00

Pet Healing Flush-$15.00

Pet Psychology Healing Flush-$15.00

Pets Relationships Healing-$15.00

Pleasure & Joy Flush-$15.00

Positive Customers Energy-$15.00

Poverty Energy Flush-$15.00

Powerful Law Of Attraction White Spell Flush-$15.00

Psychic Reading Flush-$15.00

Quantum Hypnotic Regression-$15.00

Radionic Cleaning Reiki-$25.00

Roseann Angelic Reiki-$15.00

Sai De Mim Spell Flush-$15.00

Samskharas Shamanic Cleansing Mastery-$15.00

School Success Flush-$15.00

Sexual Magnetic Device-$15.00

Sexual Pleasure Flush-$15.00

Shylee The Fairy Of Light-$15.00

Spiritual Leadership Flush-$15.00

Spiritual Vows Remover-$15.00

Tarot Reading Flush-$15.00

The 4 Thieves Magick Essence Reiki-$25.00

Theta Flush-$15.00

Time Line Healing Flush-$15.00

Vipassana Flush-$15.00

Voultige Brriere Magick Essence Reiki-$25.00

White Brotherhood Reiki-$15.00

Witch Spells Flush-$15.00

$15.00 dollars for ANY single Course Below:
Email (shantivictor@gmail.com) the name of the course you want

Many of these Systems have Mantras, Meditation, Prayers or Symbols

  1. Abbot Julius Powerful White Magic Pentacle 1
  2. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 2
  3. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 3
  4. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 4
  5. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 5
  6. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 6
  7. Abbot Julius White Magic Pentacle 7

  8. Aggression Protection
    This system comes from the source and Archangel Michael to protect us against aggressions, bad behaviors, and outdoor dangers in these hard times. This course this is an energetic protection, you must be careful,take care of yourself, close your home doors as usual but this energy gives you an energetic shield that may be really useful.

  9. After Life Vision
  10. Akashic Friends Spiritual Healing

  11. Apawao Kawama Shaman Blessings
    This energy opens the gate to the secrets of shaman healing art and gives you more healing power to heal yourself and others.

  12. Archangel Michaels Healing & Cleansing Tool

  13. Archangel Raphael Love & Relationships Miracles
    Our beloved Raphael can help us not only with health or money or travels problems but even with love problems. He can help us to repair relationships, to find soulmates and to love ourselves. This sistem with its pure bright green powerful energy,comes from his Grace and from the source to help us with love matters.

  14. Atrial Fibrillation Relief Flow
  15. Astral Body Cleaning Help Flow
  16. Bad Karma Healing Protection

  17. Bad Viral Mutation Shield
    You know often viruses change and when they have a mutation it takes time to recognize new different symptoms and link them to the mother virus. One of the worst mutation happens when it turns from aerobic to anaerobic. This system comes from the source to protect our energetic field from evil mutations. This system is not a replacement for medical therapy or medical diagnosis.

  18. Biochelation Eenergy Flush
  19. Birth Point Clearing Energy
  20. Blooming Health
  21. Blooming Love
  22. Blooming Love White
  23. Blue Print Healing
  24. Body Holy Shield

  25. Bring Me Healing Power
    This sistem comes from magical beings of beyond and its magick energy will charge your amulet (you can choose a stone,a ring,an object or what you most like) with powerful healing power that you can use in your healing sessions . of course it's useful then to have with you your amulet when you heal someone.

  26. Bring Me Health Etheric Magick Charging Amulet Flush
    This sistem comes from magical beings of beyond and its magick energy will charge your amulet (you can choose a stone,a ring,an object or what you most like) with the energy of health and wellbeing. of course it's useful then to bring with you your amulet!

  27. Bring Me Love Etheric Magick Charging Amulet Flush
    This sistem comes from magical beings of beyond and its magick energy will charge your amulet (you can choose a stone,a ring,an object or what you most like) with the energy of love,it can bring you the love and even the lover you need.of course it's useful then to bring with you your amulet!

  28. Bring Me luck Etheric Magick Charging Amulet Flush
    This sistem comes from magical beings of beyond and its magick energy will charge your amulet (you can choose a stone,a ring,an object or what you most like) with the energy of luck,your luck ,what may be lucky for you and what can bring you the luck you need.of course it's useful then to bring with you your amulet!

  29. Bring Me Protection From Evil energy Etheric Magick Charging Amulet Flush
    This sistem comes from magical beings of beyond and its magick energy will charge your amulet (you can choose a stone,a ring,an object or what you most like) with the energy of of a great protection from evil energy ,negativity and low energies. of course it's useful then to bring with you your amulet!

  30. Bring Me Wealth Etheric Magick Charging Amulet Flush
    This sistem comes from magical beings of beyond and its magick energy will charge your amulet (you can choose a stone,a ring,an object or what you most like) with the energy of wealth ,richness the right richness for you and for your needs and wishes. of course it's useful then to bring with you your amulet!

  31. Clairsentience Flow
  32. Clairvoyance Skill Flush
  33. Clairaudience Skill Flush
  34. Contact Deceased Ones
  35. Cosmic ICloud Illness Healing
  36. Divine Source Blessings
  37. Dna Karma Removing

  38. Dogs Healing Flow
    This system comes from the source to help the healing of your dogs .this energy can speed their healing and can help them to feel better especially when they absorb our negative energies. This is not a replacement of medical therapy but an energetic help.

  39. Dramas Clearing Flow

  40. Economic Recovery
    Sometime in our job or business our money situation is good or bad. This system comes from angels to help us to raise up from dark and hard times like the ones we're living now. This energy is useful in every time not only in a pandemic time because everyone may live his/her up and down!

  41. Emotional Timeline Reprograming Flow
    The timeline for us is a pattern that all human beings have, an internal model of time representation. Every one represents the temporal flow in different ways and this is true but the timeline is even a real etheric flowing line that contains our traumas,bad experiences and blockages. With this system you can reprogram your destiny especially in the past, because the past is the seed of what we are and have now and the present is the seed of our future.

  42. Erzulie Magical Energy
  43. Etheric EMDR Therapy Flush
  44. Etheric Filler Energy

  45. Financial Freedom White Magic Spell Flush
    Financial relief as a result of this particular spell casting, can come to you in many ways: A lottery victory, a scratch ticket lottery win, a new job, or job promotion, a better business, unexpected inheritance, or even unexpected money gifted. With this system you can have the energy of this ancient spell without casting any real spell.

  46. Finding Light In The Dark
  47. Forgiving Pains Ancestors
  48. Gastroesophageal Reflux Energy

  49. Green Magic Spell To Contact Nature Spirits
    This system comes from my faery witch guide to help you to contact and receive messages from faeries, elves, pixies, greenan and all the spirits of the nature. This sytem is very powerful especially if used outdoor in a field or wood or in a park.

  50. Haniel Energetic Healing Tumors
  51. Happy Future Creating
  52. Health Potection Booster
  53. Hesanthematic Disease

  54. Hipithili Shaman Traumas Healing
    This system comes from the source of high shamans masters and guides to help you to heal your wounded inner child and wash away the memories of old traumas and blockages

  55. Hora Boo Rite Flush
  56. Hora Kun Flush
  57. Hrv Flush
  58. Hyaluron Etheric Beauty Flush
  59. Ikighai Activation Flush
  60. Improve Health Magick
  61. Increasing Positive Karma

  62. Inner Enemies Healing And Removing
    The worst enemies we have as you know are all inside us, what we meet in life is just a Projection of our inner world and if we are full of parts of us that work against us. What we will find outside is not something good. With this system you can turn your enemies, inner and outer and your shadows into allies.

  63. Irritable Bowel Syndrome Flush

  64. Ischemia Helping Energy
  65. I See The Real Souls
  66. I Speak Walk My Truth
  67. Karmic Clan Cleansing
  68. Lightworkers Blessings For Cleansings
  69. Lightworkers Blessings For Healing
  70. Lightworkers Blessings For Home & Job

  71. Logun Ede
    Son of Oxossi and Oxum, he is the lord of the lakes. It is a fresh Orix, lover of art and all that is young and easy. He is invoked to wriggle from complicated situations at the last minute, without putting away anything or giving too many explanations, without thoughts. This system links you to Logun Ede and his energy and helps you to go away from bad situations in the easiest way possible without traumas or other problems.

  72. Lyn-Ki Healing Energy
  73. Magical Aura Cleansing
  74. Magical Love Potion
  75. Magick Hat Protection Flush
  76. Magma Power Shield-Master
  77. Marie Laveau Protection

  78. Mary Magdalene Forgiveness Flush
    This system comes from my beloved Mary Magdalene and helps you to forgive yourself as co-creator of your reality and others They are just a part of the planeof the lesson we have to learn!

  79. Matotipila Shaman Energy
  80. Meeting My Soul Family
  81. Melchizedek 888 White Magick
  82. Mind Power Magick
  83. Miracles Initiation
  84. Mirror Magick

  85. Moxibustion Healing Flow
    Moxibustion is an alternative eastern therapy that burns herbs and use the resulting heat on some specific points on the body to heal many deseases.Burning these herbs you increase the chi or ki. Chi is the vital energy that flows in our meridians healing the body and the mind. With this system you will have your energetic moxibustion session without going out of your home!

  86. My Etheric Clone
  87. My Shaman Spirit Healing Session
  88. Mystical Marriage Flush
  89. New Baby Blessings
  90. New Crop Circle Magic-Levels 1-3-Separate Courses
  91. New Resources From High Dimensions
  92. Non Local Informations Downloading For Every Day Problems
  93. Non Local Informations Downloading For Healings
  94. Non Local Informations Downloading For love
  95. Non Local Informations Downloading For Spiritual Growth
  96. Non Local Informations Downloading For Wealth

  97. OBA Loving Flow
    In the Brazilian tradition Oba is the protector and comforter of disappointed lovers. She can heal your broken heart and help you to find a new better partner. This system links you to her loving, healing and protective energy so you can be helped in all your love matters.

  98. Orakunele Shaman Helper
    Orakunele is a shaman guide, a helper from beyond who may guide you towards the right direction in your life and in your spiritual path. This system links you to this shaman and his energy so you will be always protected and guided. New from others, the new white priestess power of president, the light code of ambrosia.

  99. Oxala Healing Manifesting Flush
    Oxala is the greatest deity of Candomble, the Father of life and fertilization. The most important and high of all The Orixas, the first and legitimate son of Olodumare, who is God. Olodumare is all that exists. Oxaal is considered the Lord of Heads and hearts. In the head and in the heart there is the essence of an individual, what he really is and will be. This system links you to Oxal aand his protective and healing energy so you can have his help in every situations and of course in your healings.

  100. Oxossi Prosperity Abundance Flush
    Oxossi is the Orixa of hunting, the spirit of forests (Senhor da Mata) and ferocious beasts. Together with Ogmm and Exe forms the triad of the warrior deities Yoruba. In everyday life it is nutrition, what we eat, our daily bread. This orix brings wealth; money;abundance in every area of your life and helps your spiritual growth. This system links you to Oxossi and his lucky energy!

  101. Oxytocin Flow
  102. Personal Boundaries Healing
  103. Personal DNAa Karma Creation
  104. Physical Mediumship

  105. Pietersite Flush
    Pietersite is a stone that can help you to heal and balance your root chakra,solar plexus and third eye, it brings a wonderful grounding, better the centering between sky and hearth,mother and father male and female parts of us and helps us to better or develop our psychic skills and helps us in our spiritual life. With this system you'll have in your field the energy of this stone.

  106. Positive Outcome Energy
  107. Precognition Flow
  108. Protection From 4th Dimension Wandering Entities

  109. Protection Pandemic Related Economic Crisis

    Many people in a pandemic time may loose job,customers, money or career. This system comes from the source to protect us ,our business, money and job in the best way possible. Maybe we don not know and we will not know which is this best way for god but to be under divine protection is always a wonderful thing.

  110. Protection Pandemic Social Consequences
    When there is a pandemic there are even social consequences of this problem: loss of job,money problems, fears, anger, loss of faith, limitation of social life and many other problems. All the the measures taken by governments are right because first of all we must save the life and the health but all these consequences are undeniable.this system comes from the source to help and protect us,our energy field, In these hard times,this is an energetic protection.

  111. Quantum Decisions To Change Life
  112. Raphael Healing Disease

  113. Raziel Nous Energy
    This system comes from our beloved archangel Raziel to help you to see beyond, to see the real divine project in every situation and every person and in your life. We are used to think about what and why but often when something, bad happens there is a bigger and higher reason. With this system we can catch sooner and more easily this hidden divine plane.

  114. Reaching Assertiveness

  115. Real Jesus Protection Aagainst Fake Angels
    You know many people think to talk with angels but they are talking with lower entities that think to be angels! The problem is that often they do not realize it. This system is a great protection and a great help for both! These entities are not dangerous but they can give you wrong messages.

  116. Red Shaman Stone Energy
  117. Regrets Healing Flow
  118. Salomonic Bethor Spell Flush
  119. Salomonic Phaleg Spell Flush
  120. Samek Yud Theth Flush
  121. Shaman Bhoo For Astral Travel
  122. Shaman Hood Energy
  123. Shaman Hunka Activation
  124. Satsang Sacred Flush

  125. Shaila Fairy Muse Spell Flow
    This ancient powerful spell will call down Shaila the most powerful Fairy, Muse spirit to assist YOU! the Fairy Muse can help you with : wishes granted, luck, power in many forms, guidance, Blessings for those around you, a strengthening of abilitites, new Magickal ability and "journeying" to other realms and dimensions.

  126. Shaman Cougar Flush
  127. Shaman Dream Flush
  128. Shaman Eagle Flush
  129. Shaman Magick Breath
  130. Shaman Snake Flush
  131. Shaman Magical Drums Flush & Cleansing Tool
  132. Shaman Sun Dance
  133. Shammasaty Sacred Shaman Energy
  134. Shing Hen Spell Flush
  135. Shin Lha Flush
  136. Stroke Helping Energy
  137. Sweep Away Inner Slayer
  138. Sweep Away Inner Victim
  139. Talking With Spirits
  140. Talismans & Amulets Charging
  141. Talismans & Amulets Cleansings
  142. The Shaman Magick Breath
  143. Ulhen Bha The Shaman

  144. Wake Shaman Power Flow
    This system gives you the powers of all the female shamans beyond the veil and helps you to heal the female parts in you. It even helps solving the problems with the help of these ancient high shaman spirits.

  145. White Magic Karma And Spirit Cleansing Spell Flush
    Negativity can manifest it is self in our spirit, our mind, and our body with rapidity. All the witches know that over time, if not treated or washed away with a spell, this negativity causes bad karma,stress, anxiety, depression, financial worry, negative relationships and many other problems, unless you do something about it. With this system you can have the energy of this ancient spell without casting any real spell.

  146. Woudou Candombla White Loa Flush

  147. Yhbbur Holy Energy Flow
    In ancient Jewish culture many wise men said that some people were endowed with a sacred skill: the yhbbur! This skill make you see and comunicate with high Spirit Guides Through the physical body of an unsuspecting and unaware person to speak by someone else's mouth.Sometime the high dimensions masters talk to us this way but we do not realize that this happens because we do not see the master. People who have the yhbbur soon recognize who is really speaking and follow the messages without doubts.

  148. Ying Yang Light Energy Flow

  149. Zana White Magic Fairy Spell For Love
    This ancient fairy spell was used to increase attraction and affection, strengthen the attraction or to attract true love in your life!

  150. Email-The Name Of Course You Want-Above
    All Are Master Levels-$15.00 each

    You will receive the correct Manuela Fasoli Course master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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