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Dragon Reiki

Maybe The Most Important ENERGY System Of Our Time
We Promise: This Is The Original System


Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Activate Dragon Reiki Attunements alone the first time, and then send it long distance. It's a phenomenon you'll feel within the first minute of use. What you'll feel the rest of the time is unbelievable.

The secrets of the Dragon orders were known about thousands of years ago in ancient mystery schools and only experimented with in seclusion, or among close friends in private settings. Dragon Reiki has now become available to the public and is considered an ultimate in Energy Systems.

Light and Love is the Blue Dragons Nature

These Attunements and Initiations are of the highest order.

Have you ever wondered why Dragons are so popular in the literature of many world cultures?

The secret is they are Real in another dimension and they have decided the time has finally come to share their arcana knowledge and to reveal many Spiritual enigmas.

The Initiations and Attunements in Level 1 will balance your Emotional and Mental centers. The Attunements will begin to slowly and safely activate the Kundalini energy!

Level 1 Adepts will be Initiated into:

The Order Of Blue Drakontas

You will be shown how to go to a Dragon Sacred city to learn their secrets!

You will be able to bring back the Sacred City Energies with you to use in this physical dimension.

You will be Attuned to the Dragon Breath and given a secret Blue Dragon symbol enabling the use of a powerful healing Ray.

This Ray may be used on self or others.

Animals are especially effected by this Ray and are considered sacred to their Blue protectors.

You will be given the ability to send the Dragon Breath Healing Ray through space and time!

You will be Attuned to the Dragon Dome of protection and learn a very powerful protection technique that can be used 24 hours a day!

You will learn the Sacred Dragon circulation of fire technique to completely purify your aura of any unwanted thought forms from the past, present or future.

Your Casual body will become aligned to the Universal rhythms.

You will learn how to ground all energies.

Your life will become happier and more peaceful as your energies are finally balanced.

Dragon Reiki is a True Mystery School.

You will come to understand that You are not the body or mind!

Our purpose is eternal life!

Dragon Reiki-Level 1- $95.00

Dragon Reiki


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You will receive the Dragon Reiki-Level 1 manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

Important Notes: Dragon Reiki Workshop may not be offered on Yahoo Groups, Ebay or similar groupings. All rights are with Victor Glanckopf. Translations in other languages as well as using the text in any format without written consent is strictly forbidden and against the law.

This is the original Dragon Reiki (taught over 15 years ago and until recently was the only one in the world and will always be pre-eminent) founded by Victor Glanckopf and has no connection with similar named workshops.

Dragon Reiki


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