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Zone Reiki

Founded By: Tineke Wijnker

Prerequisite: Reiki Master

Zone Reiki is a holistic treatment. It works on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Because of that reason, the feet, hands and the complete head are treated.

You can also include the elements in holistic work; Without nature we don?t exist. We are in nature and nature in us. Zone massage has it is roots as far back as 2500 years ago and was practised in many cultures like China, Egypt, India and also know by Native Americans.

The goal of Zone Reiki is to balance the energy in the body, mind and emotions by sending Reiki to the healing zones.

Zone Reiki can be effective for treating the following : Arthritis, lack of sleep, Detoxication, Digestive disorders, Hormonal imbalances, Migraines, helpful with quitting smoking or weight loss and Pain relief.

Zone Reiki will enhance the work of those already trained in reflexology, acupuncture, pressure point massage, colur healing etc.

Zone Reiki has four levels.

Each level is given with a minimum 3 day gap but should ideally be received at 7 day intervals. You will receive a manual for each level plus additional proxy cards with detailed information regarding treatment Zones.

Zone Reiki-Master Level-$45.00
4 Levels

You will receive the Zone Reiki master level manual via Email, All Empowerments, emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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