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Zakara Is Master Priest Of The Atlantean Sacred Arts!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

This new energetic system is named ZAKARA in honor of the great Atlantean master priest to give you a way to restore your energy fields to perfect harmony by using sacred Atlantean energies!

Zakara There are over 11 remakable Empowerments in this Wokshop plus you will receive a special Zakara vortex mandala!

You will also be initiated into an ancient Atlantean priestly order and receive a secret Atlantean name.

Zakara was an ancient Atlantean master priest who was the overlord of the Mantura Arts.

The Mantura Arts consisted of twelve levels of study that was the highest evolution of intellectual and spiritual development our planet has ever seen!

Mantura teachings taught that we are all genetically and spiritually bonded and everything happens in accordance with the Divine Plan (sound familiar).

Zakara's teachings stressed that by bringing the energies of divine power, harmony and light into your life was the best way of rediscovering the beauty and truth in the universe and yourself!

Zakara wanted his students to rediscover the divine harmony between their astral, mental and Zakara bodies so they would realize their inner Spirit or divine essence.

Zakara personally taught the Mantura Art of Empowerment through energy transmissions that were activated by "Words of Power".

Zakara home is now in the highest astral realms and by divine decree has passed the knowledge of these scared words of power to Victor (Zasara).

Zasara has been given the task under the direction and well wishes of Zakara to activate these powerful Empowerments for you.

These Empowerments will activate words of power that you can activate to transmit color and sound vibrations to restore your DNA strands, chakra systems and all your energy pathways!


Hi Victor, It was Zakara to the rescue again yesterday evening. I got back from a lab (had to run blood samples) and spent all afternoon on the floor unable to move. But very slowly the Zakara attunements got me going, and by 10PM, I was good enough to get up and have a drink. Much Light-Pascal

You will receive the ZAKARA practioneer manual via Email, All Attunements and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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