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Lberating oneself from the day-to-day perceptions of negativity, overwhelm, and loss can be achieved by studying below!

Happiness and freedom are the result of cultivating "witness consciousness," a state of willfully observing one's own mind, emotions, and behaviors, rather than feeling that you are these things.

Focus and awareness is what makes disturbances real, a hammer falls on your toe and your awareness moves there, then you hear a bang, and your awareness moves there.

Experience pain as energy passing through before the eye of consciousness, and tasks us with the imperative to relax and release, stay centered, don't get pulled in.

Let the parade of thoughts and emotions pass by without running along with it to see where it's going.

You remain a quiet observer of your neurotic mind and eventually, the chatter starts to go quiet.

This is a means of defining our comfort zones more broadly, appreciating the limitations of our preferences, and the impossibility of matching up our external world with our arbitrary internal definitions of what should be.

An analogy of sitting by a river, noting a swirl in the water. You could try to frantically smooth out the surface of the water, continuously and senselessly, or you could reach in to pluck the rock out, only to notice that it is your other hand holding it there.

We create our own distress, in many ways, and then we try to use our brains and emotions to resolve that stress. It doesn't work.

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