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Vortex Laser Reiki

Created by Hari Winarso

Vortex Laser Reiki is a high quality energy and a wonderful tool for healing and balancing your meridians and chakra systems.

This Reiki system is also a powerful clearing energy for all your energy field bodies.

The Vortex Laser Reiki will flow very fast and spin like a spiral (Vortex).

Vortex Laser Reiki has 4 levels:

1st Level: After you have attuned to the first level of Vortex Laser Reiki, you are fully capable of healing and cleansing the physical diseases for yourself and others - in healing sessions. At this level, you will also learn how to scan with the energy. This attunement also will cleanse your Physical and Astral Plane as a preparation for the next level / 2nd level.

2nd Level: The energy of Vortex Laser Reiki will strengthened, increased, and enhanced from the first level. After you have received the attunement of this second level, you can heal and cleanse the Physical and Astral Plane from any negativity and also perform distance remote healing. You will also learn how to create a healing box. This attunement will cleanse and heal your Spiritual Plane as a preparation for the 3rd level.

3rd Level: This attunement will increase the energy 900% from the second level. At this level you can heal and cleans the Spiritual Plane (Etheric Template, Celestial Body, Ketheric Template). you will also learn how to create a healing tool from a real object.

4th Level (Master Level): At this level, you have capacity to attune others in the Level 1, 2, 3, and 4.

There is 5 day wait between each level's attunements.

Vortex Laser Reiki - Master-$65.00

You will receive the Vortex Laser Reiki master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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