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Varja Essence

Beyond Reiki Mastership


Reiki Mastership Was a Prepartion for Varja Essence.

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Varja Essence contains powerful Attunements and Initiations plus new discoveries and rare original techniques.

The Vajra (note new spelling) is a concept and symbol in Tibetan Buddhism which originated from the cosmic thunderbolt. For our purposes and in Tibetan Buddhism it has come to signify the Diamond. The Diamond is unbreakable, unburnable, uncuttable and indestructable.

Therefore Varja Essence is likened to the Varja Thunderbolt as it contains the Eternal Divine Principles and Attunements which are the foundation life.

A Varja Initiation is said to sow the seeds which grows into unbreakable wisdom. Again for our purposes it is interesting to know all of this but remember we are Energy oriented implying an Empthy for an Actual Experience instead of an intellectual understanding.

The new spelling Varja designates NEW Energy Dispensations and up-grades of frequencies for the old empowerments.

Vajra Essence is for the Beings on planet earth who are now waking to their unfolding Divine Natures of Light, Peace and Happiness.

Master Index To Varja Essence Workshop-Levels 1 & 2

(17 Attunements in 1st Level)

Advanced Training - Secrets Revealed

  1. Varja Essence Attunement -- A New and Dynamic Attunement which combines the power of all the Reiki symbols with a new Energy. After the Attunement no symbols are ever needed again.
  2. Open Eyed Meditation Technique

  3. Varja Essence Manifestation Technique and Attunement.

  4. Original Water Ceremony-Rarely Seen In This Form-Teachable after Workshop.

  5. Encochian Initiations-Angelic.

  6. Varja Essence Dreamstate Work and Attunement.

  7. Angelic Initiation and Instruction to give to others.

  8. Advanced Jo Rei Attunement.

  9. Four special Antahkarana Attunements.

  10. Varja Essence Power Sandwich.

  11. Varja Essence Protection Technique & Attunement.

  12. Varja Essence Energy Triangle.

  13. Advanced Scanning Procedures.

  14. Varja Essence Negative Patterns Clearing Technique.

  15. Galactic Light Attunement.

  16. Antakarana Transformed and Alined.

  17. Varja Temple of Light Empowerment & Visualization -Journey To The Varja Healing Temple Of Light.

  18. New Attunement process from Usui's Original Notes Revealed.

  19. Usui Mantra given from original notes-Recently Disovered.

Varja Essence is a dynamic path of healing and spirituality like no other.

This workshop is an Energy Master's dream as it brings together and greatly expands on Traditional Reiki with newly discovered writings of the founder plus adds powerful Angelic Energies and Ceremonies.

Importantly it begins a series of Energy Attunements that are found no where else on the planet.

Varja Essence is composed of 2 levels.

All Levels are complete within themselves and no-one needs to take another level.

Varja Essence-$150.00-Level 1

Varja Essence-$250.00-Level 2

Victor, Thanks for the Attunements yesterday, real powerful energy, kept going the whole night. Blessings, Sal

Hello Victor, Yhank you very much. Here is some feedback. The attunements were very powerful and intense. The attunements were working on all chakras, and all over body. During some attunements I was almost in a dream like state and different stories/topics were shown to me. They had also a very grounding and centering effect on me. I am looking forward to work with this system more deeply. Blessings & thanks Lorenz

Hi Victor, Many thanks for the wonderful attunements, i never seem images with attunements i just feel the energy pouring into me, as usual first class, just getting to grips with the system and as always enjoy working with the energy and becoming part of the daily routine. Blessings Mark

I did the attainments twice, and the second time has been really really powerful. I am working with the attunements and everything it is amazing, tangible and smooth. The energie flows on many levels and I feel myself really empowered, yet humbled. I am in Joy! I feel committed and today I also activeted the Kala Chakra attainments and the Electric Fire attainments and everything lightened up as ever before. In service to the Divine Light, Namastè jayesh

Namasta Victor, I really love the Varja Essence and I am working with it with enthusiasm! Love & Light, J

Hello Master Victor, I had just fully found time to practice this month. One reason was the spread of the COVID-19 virus that caused me to have a chance to work at home for a long time. I began to practice Vajra Essence once again. Every time I activate attunement, I am also very surprised by your workshop. About how you can make the energy so intense, deep, and profound. It's an energy I've never experienced anywhere else. When I activated the Antahkarana energy, I felt that it was amazing. But when activating the Varja energy, it was even more superb. I fell asleep two times unconsciously when I activated Varja's energy and woke up with a freshness like never felt before. My brain is like having electric charges and high vibration energy inside. It felt very wonderful. Thank you very much for the amazing workshop. Theera

You will receive the correct Varja Essence manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.


Varja Essence is not to be taught in any form.

This manual may NOT be used in any way except for personal use.

The Manual may not be altered in any way and is only to be seen by students of this system and may not be sold.

Varja Essence's manual may not be offered in any form on Ebay or Yahoo Groups or any other similar institutions.

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