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Uhane Nui Reiki

Uhane Nui Reiki means spirit greatness.

Uhane Nui Reiki is the last part of the ancient shaman reiki series: Kahuna Reiki, Aloha Reiki where we relearned to empower ourselves by letting go and releasing the past.

We cleared away the past, (kahuna reiki) , started to relove ourselves (aloha reiki) and now we shine and own our spirit greatness ('uhane nui reiki).

This is the joyful embracing of our 'uhane nui and we honor our la'a kea (sacred light, knowledge) and hilina'I (trust) ourselves. As well as Feeling at peace and full of 'uhane knowing you are iki ola pau'ole ( living in the moment). So enjoy this journey we have been on and please continue on with much mana (power) and kapu (sacredness).This is a very heart centered, purposeful, kapu (sacred) space centered Reiki.

Aloha Reiki opens your heart space and honours your kapu space and comes from uhanenui (spirit greatness)!

This is a wonderful tool on your kapu path.

May Aloha Reiki give you all the mana (powerful energy) and i ho' ok 'ahi k'ahi ke aloha (unity with love) that it has given to us. Mahalo

what Aloha Reiki is

what does Aloha mean?

the Aloha spirit law

Hawaiian grace

Aloha Reiki visualization

Aloha Reiki breathing technique

Aloha Reiki symbols

Uhane Nui Reiki- Master Level-$45.00


You will receive the correct Uhane Nui Reiki - Master Manual via Email, 1 Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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