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Advanced Energy Work, Like No Other

Over 15 Attunements, Empowerments and Initiations

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Since the beginning of time, the Yogis and wise men possessed amazing knowledge of Energetic Attunements and Initiations in teaching people how to develop healthfully and Spiritually.

TRANSCENDENCE can be the answer for modern man to rediscover his vast potential.

Each level consists of multiple Attunements and techniques to bring your long dormant higher awareness into manifestation.

We hope that you will allow these beautiful energies of TRANSCENDENCE to be your guide in the unraveling of the ancient mysteries.

Partial Syllabus

1. Devic Track Attunement

2. Harmonzing Energy Attunement

3. Mind Expansion Attunement

4. Earth Element Initiation and Magical Technique

5. Channel Building Attunements(Very powerful)

6. Transcendence Master Symbols- 3 Powerful symbols

7. Soul Star Initiation

8. More Attunements and Initiations.


After completion of this workshop your Energy fields will be transformed and empowered no matter what your faith or belief system.

Your mind will be sharpened and harmonized and Peace will be yours.

You will have command of multiple energies and learn many techniques that will promote unconditional love and harmony.

Your Intuition will unfold and abundance will be yours.

Transcendence is composed of 5 levels that are complete within themselves and no one need take another level.

Transcendence-Level 1- $175.00

Transcendence-Level 2-$195.00

Transcendence-Level 3-$275.00


Hi- A funny thing happened to me the other night. I had a function to go to, and had to stop at the grocery store for something, when I heard a man screaming in the store. I responded without even thinking and tried to be as low key as possible and tried to get him to calm down. I thought very hard, "Angels Please Help Him!" Never have I felt an energy frequency such as this and in such a large amount. It was beautiful! He calmed down shortly after that, the EMT showed up, and I quietly disappeared. Thanks for helping me to help him. Love, Sharon

HI- YOU are great! Thank you I appreciate everything very much. yours Girma

Full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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