"Moment to Moment Let Your Empowerments Create A Soul Of Beauty!" -Victor

Tibetan Energetics Empowerments

Tibetan Energetics works with Empowerments, symbols, sounds and colors.

Tibetan Energetics helps us develop our auditory and tactile senses.

Tibetan Energetics helps us learn about the physical body and meridian systems.

Tibetan Energetics allows our extra sensory perceptions to develop through training, discipline and practice.

The Tibetan Masters taught that the healing rays directly relate to the elemental forces; earth, fire, water , air and space. The five elements the sum total of the universe including man or the keys to the universe.

In this Workshop you will be Initiated into these forces by a powerful Empowerment process for the purpose of purification.

You will receive special Tibetan Mantras and Tibetan Empowerments.

In Tibetan Energetics you are attuned to many healing colors and the Energies of the elements.

Second Level uses 12 different Tibetan symbols to activate a very powerful energy which can be used for healing or Spiritual Enlightment.

This system came from a little known monestary in Tibet before the Chinese invasion and as such is likened to a precious jewel.

Tibetan Energetics holds the Flame of the Tibetan Masters of yesteryears and would be very difficult to find anywhere else!

Tibetan Energetics-Practioneer Level 1-$150.00

Tibetan Energetics-Practioneer Level 2-$250.00
Prerequiste: Level 1

You will receive the Tibetan Energetics Manual via snail mail, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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