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Thoth's Atlantean Initiations

"One Through Meditation" ~ Thoth

Founded By: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Thre intent of Thoth's Atlantean Initiations is to give you new energetic Initiations that will help you connect to Thoth's Atlantean lineage & transcend the earthly plane.

This Workshop presents 6 powerful meditations and Empowerments including:

Halls of Amenti Empowerment
Chayot Angels Initiations

Thoth was an Atlantean Shakti (energy) master!

He knew the secrets of light and dark and their vibrational effects on the physical plane.

Thoth brought these mysteries from Atlantis and anchored the knowledge in different parts of the world (Egypt, Tibet, Latin America, Pacific Rim) to prevent the loss of the secret mysteries.

Thoth wants you to know there is a direct relationship between your physical body, spirit, Altantis and the entire Cosmos!

Thoth's Atlantean Initiations- Practitioner -$145.00

Hello again, Victor, Attunement 1 came down very slowly from above my crown in an enveloping light. The energy flowed down to me feet and seemed to go into the ground like the roots of a tree from then on. Attunement 2 also came down from above my crown, but strait down to my base chakra in a few seconds, not around my body in 20 minutes. From then on, it started to radiate up my spine and into my palms. Attunement 3 seemed to radiate from within, not from above as the first two. It was like a cold fire, and still feels like this and stimulated my heart and medulla quite strongly. There is a pinch at the bottom of my spine and that got very jiggly, sending spasms into my legs until the zone actually felt partly cleared of that blockage. From then on, it has continued to flow upwards. I don' tknow what that means, but it feels very pleasant and deep. Many thanks and much Light, Pascal

Victor, I completed the first two Thoth initiations/attunements last night. It was extremely powerful and I truly *cannot* put into words what happened except to say that I won't ever be the same. Thank you, Victor.

You will receive the Thoth's Atlantean Initiations manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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