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Temple Of Empowerment

Teresa Rubiolo's (Cuzco) Courses

Aladdin's Magic Lamp-$20.00

Ancient Shamans-$20.00

Any kind Impurities Remove Now-$35.00

Breath Of The Fairies-$20.00

Charm Empowerment-$20.00

Cosmic Guardians Shield-$20.00

Cosmic Powers Empowerment-$20.00

Crossing Scared Guardians & Guides-$20.00

Dragon Totem Essence-$20.00

Erotic Touch-$20.00

Harmful And Dark Remove-$35.00

Healing Mother Mary-$20.00

Healing With Grace Jesus-$20.00

Highest Energy-$20.00

Human Magical Poison Elixir-$20.00

Infinity Psychic Power-$20.00

Long Life Divine Blessings-$20.00

Lotus Blossoms Sacred Protection Flow-$36.00

Love and Passion Elixir-$40.00

Magicial Gifts Empowerment-$20.00

Magnetic Potion of the Prosperity-$40.00

Mystical Potion Clairvoyant-$39.00

Mystical Powers of Protection & Cleaning-$40.00

Mystic Powers-$20.00

Open Doors To Spiritual World-$20.00

Protection Ghost Magic & Witch-$20.00

Psychic Abilities Awakening-$36.00

Red & Black Protector-$20.00

Shine On The Darkness-$35.00

Traumas Healing-$20.00

$20.00 dollars for ANY single Course Below:
Email (shantivictor@gmail.com) the name of the course you want

    CZ Card-Protection & Neutralization
    CZ Card Transmutador
    CZ Card-Winner Warrior
    Gretas Elixirs-Immediate Help

    Email-The Name Of Course You Want-Above
    All Are Master Levels-$20.00 each

    You will receive the correct Teresa Rubiolo Course master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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