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Tendai-Tenaga Dalam Ilahi

Daya Sejati Insani (DSI) or basic level Tenaga Dalam Ilahi (TENDAI) or Celestial Inner Power is not a martial art discipline, nor is it an inner energy training which will enable you to walk on fire, eat glass, bullet proof, break bricks with your bare hands. It is one of the closely guarded secrets, which has existed for hundreds of years originating mostly from the Malay islands archipelago (Malaysia, Indonesia).

Our purpose here is not to assume superiority or to act high and mighty, teaching this or that as if we are the only learned authority on matters like this. Rather we are here to invite you to join us and understand what we have experienced and share our experiences with you.

UNDERSTANDING THE "RITUAL OF TRUE INNER SELF" This ritual is more like a training whereby it is performed whenever needed; not something to be read nor memorized. It is the total understanding of forces behind the happenings and events around us, which can be exemplified below:

(INTENT/WILL): You want to heal somebody.
(EFFORT): You rub your hands together.
(SENSE/FEEL): You feel warmth in your hands.
(SECRET): You put your warm hands on that person's body and watch as the energy relieves the pain.

The SECRET is the heat and warmth from a person's hands is capable of things beyond current human comprehension!

You alone will experience this thing once you have the secret.

The SECRET cannot be seen with the naked eyes, nor put down in writing, nor expressed in a painting .. that is why it remains a SECRET. For to disclose the SECRET would render the SECRET no longer a SECRET.

Therefore, keep the SECRET you discover to yourself, for there is a reason why the SECRET was made known to you, and who can say the bad it would bring should the SECRET is disclosed. There would be more bad than good if this SECRET is made known to others, so keep the SECRET to yourself.


Phase 1: Attunement and of Empowerment Energy Sensitivity during 7 day, its target to open and improve sensitivity feel and occult radar in participant body, So that can feel and detect energy.

Phase 2: Evocation and of Empowerment Mystical Power during 7 day, after awakened hence needed by training of breath to strengthen mystical power which have been awakened. Mystical Power Science of Ghaib Real Light consist of two shares namely Mystical Power Mind and Mystical Power Physical. Practice Exhalation is to strengthen Mystical Power Physical, which if have perfected will felt like electrics sting, feel heat or warmness and sensitivity will mount drastically. Mystical Power Mind by itself will be empowered every day.

You will be attuned to the Practitioner Level, receive the certificate, lineage and manual.

Tendai-Tenaga Dalam Ilahi - Practitioner - $140.00

Hi Victor, Thank you for that powerful attunment. I felt it strongly in my body. Thank you, Alaa

You will receive the Tendai-Tenaga Dalam Ilahi manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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