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Telos Energy System

Founded by: Ole Gabrielsen

Telos is an ancient Lemurian city that exists right beneath Mount Shasta.

Mt Shasta It's a real city in the physical realm, with over 1 million inhabitants that are living in peace and prosperity. The city of Telos has a very special frequency of love. This energy is very beneficial in healing sessions.

With the Telos Energy System, 5 programmed stones are used and placed in a special "grid" on and around a person. The stones will automatically connect to each other and start broadcasting the love frequency to the body.

This is very relaxing and often results in healing on a deep level.

A session normally takes 10-15 minutes.

The system is very easy to learn and perform.

Learn How To

Make and use the 5 Telos healing stones on people, distance healing, for specific situations and to set up a love grid in rooms.

Make and use a special water treatment plate, to infuse water with the frequency of love.

How to pass on the Telos Healing System empowerment.

Telos Healing System empowerment, course notes and certificate via email.

Telos Energy System- Master Level-$25.00

Hi Victor, Telos lasted a long time afterwards. It felt like I was sitting in front of a heat lamp only instead of emitting heat it was emitting energy. I felt alot of energy in my feet. There is so much I can do with this one! I hope you have a great Christmas. Elaine

You will receive the Telos Master Manual via Email, all Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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