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Star Tetrahedron 2012

"It Is Time To Ascend!"

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

The new Initiations in this Workshop will upgrade the regular Star Tetrahedron energies to new vibrations so you will utilize the new frequencies consciously, intentionally and purpose to fully create the desired results.

You will become aware of new states of divine light altering your life on earth and you will rapidly begin to grow spiritually.

You will receive 5 special Empowerments including:

Star Tetrahedron Adamantine Particles Initiation
Star Tetrahedron Adamantine Particles Initiation For use with animals
Star Tetrahedron Adamantine Light Packet Initiation

The Star Tetrahedron is a pattern of light in the heart and mind of God!

This light pattern or Star Tetrahedron holds specific vibratory powers.

It is a most perfect and profound light pattern!

Star Tetrahedron Workshop has the ability to connect you to your higher self so to become aware of a higher level of consciousness.

Star Tetrahedron-$145.00

Hi Victor, During the Light Packet attunement I was lifted slightly above my body which made me a bit dizzy but I definitely hovered for quite some time. My feet grew very warm and my hands also radiated heat. I had very deep dreams all night long. I feel very well rested this morning. during the 2012 attunement, a Mayan shaman came in, in full headdress, (quite dramatic), and circled around me causing tingling sensations in my crown chakra which was dancing with some very interesting vibrations. The shaman said nothing but was very focused on what he was doing as he circled around me in complete silence.

But as far as I can tell, no one is offering courses with the kind of power of yours. Not a single person. We'd have to go to Indonesia, Tibet or India to get that kind of power. Love, Clara

You will receive the Star Tetrahedron Practitioner manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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