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Spirit Of The Seven African Powers


"Let The Spirits Help You!" ~ Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf & Olivier Clonaris

Spirits Of The Seven African Powers Attunements are a new way to activate and use 7 original extraordinary energies of our planet.

Spirits Of The Seven African Powers Attunements will allow you to harness these powers for your highest good.

Spirits Of The Seven African Powers will Attune you to the Sacred Energies from the Earth and Sky. The Spirit Of The Seven African Powers are well-known and celebrated as the divinities of many African peoples.

Although the Africans have different names for these Spirits, they are the same spirits.

In all the different traditions, the Spirits have many aspects, which are often quite diverse. Although they are often referred to as gods, goddesses, and deities, in reality they are manifestations of the one Creator.

The 7 Spirits each reflect one of the manifestations of God.

The Spirits are multi-dimensional beings who represent the forces of nature.

There is an ultimate God who is removed from the day-to-day affairs of human beings on Earth so the Spirits are used to receive worldly rewards!

Regardless of your background, regardless of your beliefs, the 7 African Spirits can help you!

As you open your heart and mind to this awesome power, miraculous changes in your life will begin.

The Spirits can reverse any wrong current, turn the tide, and alter the shape of any unwanted events.

Spirit Of The Seven African Powers -$135.00

Hi Victor-THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! This attunement has been the end of the world. I have had sleepiness and an impressive work in the root chakra and in the throat chakra with extreme Kundalini waves. Attunement time: 1 hour and half. Thank you again, Paolo

You will receive the Spirit Of The Seven African Powers -Practitioner manual via Email, 7 Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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