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Solar Goddess Radiance Attunement Course

Created by Ana May

Harnessing the Feminine Energies of the Sun for Healing & Spiritual Development.

The period from the Beltane to the Midsummer Solstice (around 21st-23rd June depending on the year) marks the time of the year when the solar energies are at their most potent and are increasing in strength as the days draw on (in the Northern hemisphere). The natural earth tides are concerned only with growth, vitality and abundance. South of the equator, the season is turning and the Suns power is beginning to increase a little each day as the year turns.

Our ancient ancestors understood the power and significance of particular cosmological alignments and built monuments to specifically to mark and track these events, and to celebrate them. Stonehenge in South-West England is an example of such a sacred monument that is very significant for the Solstices.

There are many today that still observe and celebrate these events; my personal religious observations follow the natural tides of the year and during this particular seasonal festival, the focus of the ritual was the Norse Goddess, Sunna: The Goddess of the Sun.

In some of the popular mythologies, Greek and Roman for example, deities associated with the Sun have tended to be male. However, further north, the qualities of the Sun were perceived very differently because of the climatic variance.

During the Beltane fire festival ritual, we celebrated the waxing of the Solar current as Sunna rides the sky, drawing closer to the Earth and bringing the world back to life after the colder winter months. Starting at Mid Winter and increasing in influence as the year turns to Midsummer, Sunnas power is felt and its effect seen, all around us.

The sleeping trees awaken, stretch to the sky and green; flowers and plants stir within the dark Earth as they sense her warmth and emerge to bask in her light; hibernating animals awaken and begin their annual rites of courtship and subsequent mating rituals; during this time, the world is filled with expressed fertility and abundance; the encouragement and nurturing of life and the joy and hope the season evokes with such bounteous scenes affects us all. You can almost taste the healing quality of the energy in air!

This force of energy will be imprinted and stored within your energy field to be called upon whenever you would like to invoke and express it for whatever purpose you choose.

The course manual includes the following:

Solar Deities
Global Warming
Quantum Physics
The Power of the Mind
Complementary Therapies & Healing
Kirlian Photography & evidence of the reality of subtle energies
Solar Goddesses Around the World
The Solar Goddess Radiance Attunement
Sunna information about the Norse Goddess of the Sun
Solar Associations
Creating and Charging Talismans
Applications for Solar Goddess Radiance Energy
Affirmations for prosperity, healing, beauty, love, peace and courage
Global Warming
Prayer to Svalin for Environmental Healing
Solar Goddess Radiance Healing Meditation
Solar Goddess Radiance Healing for Others
Empowering sacred objects with Solar Goddess Radiance (such as wands)
Creating a Circle of Protection around you
Using Solar Goddess Radiance energy to cleanse the energy in a room/house
Your Solar Goddess Radiance Attunement
After Your Attunement
Attuning Others
How attunements work
Preparing to treat or teach others
How energy healing works
Information about energy exchange concepts

Solar Goddess Radiance Attunement Course-Master Level-$65.00

You will receive the appropriate the Solar Radiance Attunement Course Master 40 page Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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