Temple Of Empowerment

Silver Violet Flame
of Saint Germain

The Violet Flame is an amazing process for the transmutation of negative energies back into the puresource energy. This is a truly powerful process for those who wish to make a difference in their lives andthe world. The use of the Violet Flame in your life will be personally transformational.

The Violet Flame has the ability to release old habits and addictions. It can transform personal and business relationships and release them completely if they are not for your highest good.

It can also churn up old emotional pains to be acknowledged then transformed and released. The Violet Flame is for those wishing to accelerate their spiritual growth. When you use the Violet Flame, please use it on yourself first. We are changing the world today.

Saint Germain was responsible for bringing to the awareness of the human masses the gift of the sacred knowledge of the Violet Consuming Flame. It is with his help and Angels of the Violet Flame that we can have a profound and transmuttative effect on ourselves and the world today.

Manual via Email, Remote Attunement, and a emailed certificate included. Full Email support is given before, during and after all Workshops.

Silver Violet Flame Of Saint Germain
Master Level-$15.00

Thank you Victor...what a beautiful energy (the Silver Violet Flame.) Will be contacting you for the Advanced kundalini Reiki soon. Again, thanks. Nancy

hi Victor, thank you so much for the attunement of the Silver Violet Flame! It has been like a feeling that made me felt secure and very powerful at the same time. I am well-balanced in my hara from that moment and it seems to me that my Reiki flows better if I use these two frequencies together. I appreciate the possibility for having so many workshops in your web-site and I think that I'm going to visit it so many times in the future. Thank You, Pamela

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