Shantira Initiations

The Ancient Atlantians had developed a system of study of intellectual and spiritual development called Mantura. The Mantura system had twelve general areas of study, one of which was Kofutu another was Shantira another Venkara.

Kofutu was a system developed to facilitate spiritual healing and inner growth.

Shantira focused on Chakra harmonization promoting personal and spiritual growth in a very unique and powerful way.

The system was mastered by Tanra Samati Tamarasha in ancient Atlantis. When his physical life ended in the cataclysm which destroyed Atlantis He was anointed the Master of the Kofutu System and made Keeper of the Kofutu Symbols and the Mantura Arts finally attaining the highest levels in Soul Body.

Since that time, Master Tamarasha has been seeking ways to re-establish the Mantura Arts on the planet again.

Master Tamarasha found receptivity in the person of Frank Homan, an accomplished student and teacher of many spiritual arts including various methods of healing.

The Shantira System as presented here, has been channeled by Frank during a two-year period which has included channeling sessions with many of the other Ascended Masters as well Kofutu and the Master Jesus Christ, the Master Saint Germain (Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and Chohan of the Seventh Ray), the Master Djwahl Khul, the Master Hilarion, the Master Kuthumi and many other spiritual Masters and Teachers.

Shantira Empowers Four symbols which when used properly will completely restructure your chakra system.

The implications are profound!

Shantira--No Master Level-$195.00

Victor, The attunements were AMAZING!!!! I had tons of energy running all through my body especially my hands. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again and blessings to you, Ella

You will receive the Shantira - Manual via snail mail, 4 Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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