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Shamballa 1024

Fifth Dimensional Healing

SHAMBALLA 1024 was founder by June Stephansen in 2003.

Shamballa 1024 includes the NEW Shamballa Symbols that hold the higher vibration of Shamballa Energy.

Shamballa 1024 symbols go to the core of one’s being and allow for a deep healing to take place.

The Shamballa 1024 Symbols are meant to deactivate illnesses in the human and animal body.

In Shamballa 1024 only the “Healing Symbols” required by the client’s body will be transferred.

The energies of Shamballa 1024 attunements are about divine completion of the self.

SHAMBALLA 1024 Master Teacher-$15.00


Thank you so much! I accepted the attunement and I have to say - just WOW! I instantly felt it working through me and since then have managed to completely get rid of the back pain that has been plaguing me for months. And I was a bit skeptical! No more! I have also noticed increased energy and honestly, have not felt this good in really long time. I can't wait to share with other. Namaste Kym!

Dear Victor, Thank you so very much for the attunement into Shamballa 1024. I felt flowing these higher vibrations through my whole body. This attunement was another wonderful step towards my spiritual goal. Thank you again. Many Blessings and Light-Heidi

Victor-Wow! I read the manual and then accepted the attunement. The energies were very strong. I could see all the symbols entering my third eye one at a time. Then I was guided to clap my hands three times and then open them in front of me. The symbols were then placed in my hands as well.Thank you for the wonderful experience. Usually I feel the energy, but I do not necessarily get messages or specifics on how to receive the attunement and I received both this time. Love and Light, Cindy

Hi Victor, After these attunement, I feel a higher Light flow in my body, in my hands. the meditation from Christ Healing is amazing, I do it every evening and I have better and tranquiler sleeping than before attunements. Thank you again, Victor, Many blessings, Sorin

You will receive the Shamball 1024 - Master Manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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