Shamanic Empowerments

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"When I became a Shaman, I could see and hear in a totally different way. I had gained my enlightenment, the Shaman Light of the brain and body. This came about in a such a manner that it was not only I who could see through the darkness of life but the same light also Shone out from me, imperceptible to human beings but visible to all the spirits of earth and sky and sea and these now came to me and became my helping spirits."The Way Of The Shaman

A shaman is one who walks between the worlds, a person who, through various practices, is able to visit realms of reality that are often negated by the Western worldview.

A shaman is also a healer and protector of the community.

Through various shamanic practices, shamans are able to heal physical and non-physical ailments, facilitate the resolution of community difficulties and foster greater respect amongst human beings for the sacredness of nature.

Shamanism then, is the study of the practices of the shaman and includes such aspects as healing, spiritual development and magick.

It is very rare to find actual Shamanic Attunements as most shamanic classes are only guided visualizations!

Shamanic Syllabus

1. Shamanic Template

The Shamanic Template can be used for any shamanic work, be it journeying, ritual or healing. It is available in three formats, personal, professional (you and another), and group (you and two or more people).

2. Light Body Attunement

3. Spiritual Connection Shakti.

4. Space Clearing Shakti.

5. Mind Eexpansion Shakti.

6. Three Worlds.

7. Universal Shaman.

8. Directions Attunement.

9. Elemental Powers.

10. Mother Earth / Father Sky.

11. Sun / Moon Attunement.

12. Shamanic Light.

13. Source Light, The Light Of The Great Spirit.

14. Joyful Living Attunement.

15. Power Animal Attunement.

16. Energy Utility Functions Attunement.

Shamanic Empowerment Workshop-Level 1 - $165.00

You will receive the Shamanic Empowerment Workshop Level 1 manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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