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The successful 21st century shaman will have learned to know thysel and master the skills needed to receive and use intuition, imagination and creativity. As we increase our personal awareness of self and the worlds around us, especially the higher worlds, we become the spiritual warrior adventurer of the future.

Such spiritual evolution can be greatly accelerated by initiation or attunement: Someone who is living their divinity ritually opens the pathway between you and the divinity within you. The initiator is someone who has had direct enlightenment from God or has been attuned into a specific spiritual lineage through sacred rituals. Finally, after initiation, you need daily practices to deepen, widen, stabilize and live this connection. That is what you will learn in these pages; ways you can deepen your connections.

Shamanism is defined as the ability to commune with all spirits dwelling on all levels of Creation. However, seeker beware. It is imperative for people studying the path of the Shaman to study with a recommended teacher who is well-trained, tried, tested and true. To unwittingly delve into shamanism without expert and impeccable guidance, especially in countries that regularly practice the dark arts, can be life-threatening. In any case, it is not a path for the faint-hearted!

A series of shamanic deaths must be experienced and conquered at the start of this path. This is where we learn about protection, discernment and strengthening self. Normally these battles are fought with the help of gifted healers and shamans, rather than my somewhat solitary process. The finest shamans in our world today are those repaired wounded healers who have walked the path of death and rebirth, destroying all the shadows that block inner clarity.

Once a person has experienced and triumphed on this hard fought road to wholeness and wellness, it becomes easy to assist others in doing the same. When you have recognized and healed the darkness within your self, it becomes simple to see this darkness in others and diagnose it accurately.

Shaman Energy Healing - Master Level-$17.00

You will receive the Shaman Energy Healing Master Manual via Email, 3 Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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