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Sexual Empowerment energy is a fire type of Reiki or energy in that it comes from the earth rather than from above like Reiki.

Sexual Empowerment energy enters the healer from the earth and passes from the bottom chakra and travels up and out the hands; thus it is involved with the Kundalini.

Working with this energy one will find it is a warm loving energy with a lot of passion in it.

It is not uncommon for the healer and the one being healed to become aroused, this is nothing to worry about and does not happen all the time.

The body, mind and spirit need to be balanced in order for sex to work the way it should which is a loving and almost spiritual act and the Sexual Empowerment helps alot to effect this balance.

Sexual Empowerment- Master Level 1-$25.00

Sexual Empowerment- Master Level 2-$25.00

Hi Victor, Thanks for that empowerment. The attunement felt very strong and lasted for quite a while. The energy, as it said in the manual, felt very "earthy" and had those healing qualities. It felt very grounding to me. Blessings, Carlos

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