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Sanctuary Shakti

The Ultimate Energy System For Reaching
Divine Consciousness & Enlightenment

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Extensive work done by Victor Glanckopf

Sanctuary Shakti is one of the most powerful energy systems found on our Planet today.

Sanctuary Shakti has the potential for healing your body and mind and to awaken the Kundalini Shakti.

Other goals of Sanctuary Shakti are Self Realization and Enlightenment!

Sanctuary Shakti offers many techniques and is independent of any religious system.

Sanctuary Shakti is a complete system for healing and rapid spiritual growth which allows you to gain access between you and your divine energies.

Sanctuary Shakti energies results in clarity and increased energy for maximum effectiveness in all aspects of your daily life.

Sanctuary Shakti's extremely powerful attunement process bridges the gaps between your consciousness of "where you are now and where you want to be."

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Sanctuary Shakti is intended to promote increased vitality, healing and personal growth.

The energies will open your Spiritual Heart!

Your Nadis are the "circuitry" through which Prana or vital airs" flow.

The Nadis are a key to the capacity to contact, carry and channel greater amounts and varying higher frequencies of energy within the system in a balanced and controlled manner.

In this Workshop your Nadis are reenergized by an activatable Attunement!

The Sanctuary Shakti Process is being offered to Humanity at this time to safely and most rapidly access and eventually control the activity of all five Nadis.

Through the SANCTUARY SHAKTI Process with its major Attunements, Template Attunements, and the Seven Sanctuary Shaktis you will rapidly and safely unlock and give access to your whole energy matrix:

You will have the ability to access your energy matrix to give you the ability to heal the physical, etheric body and higher bodies.

You receive Attunements for energy of Template Clearing that will facilitate the loosening and removal of negative energies.

With Template Clearing Attunements you will free ourself from past memory, allowing you a fresh start on life’s issues.

Template clearing can be used for powerful cleansing to purify and expand your self physically and spiritually.

This Shakti helps to dispel the darkness of negative, non-beneficial, unwanted and no longer needed thought forms.

The Shakti can be used to intensify other levels of Sanctuary Energy, and help carry them thru the body.

By using this Shakti, you will be able to surround yourself with the Light, and use its protective qualities.

You will receive a special Heart Booster Attunement that gives you the ability to access, at will, the energy of Unconditional Love.

Activating this energy on a regular basis will you help to loosen blocks in yourself as well as those to whom you send the energy. You can use it anytime, anywhere, to help balance your surrounding environment.

Sanctuary Shakti contains 9 levels but all levels are complete within themselves and no one need take but one level.

There are 8 Attunements in the 1st level!

Sanctuary Shakti: An Ultimate Journey of Self-Transformation!


Sanctuary Shakti-Practitioner Level 1-$175.00

Sanctuary Shakti-Practitioner Level 2-$250.00

Sanctuary Shakti-Practitioner Level 3-$350.00

Sanctuary Shakti-Practitioner Level 4-$350.00

Sanctuary Shakti-Practitioner Level 5-$350.00

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Hi, I also wanted to tell you that your guided meditation just before the Ichchashakti attunement was absolutely wonderful. I have never felt such inner peace before. I don't know whether I will ever be able to recreate the conditions on my own, but it was great to experience it today, whole body tingling, and mind at the limit of 'passing out consciously. JJ

Hello Again, tell me what vitamins you put in Sanctuary Shakti 3. In the train this morning, I had time to practise, and now, I'm in my office in Paris with a *constant flow* of energy pouring down through my crown, lighting up the back of my nose, my throat and heart. Amazingly, just looking at the integration symbol increases the feeling. It is difficult to stay focused for work. Bliss is really close every time I close my eyes. Much Light, JP

This morning was a 'train morning' and it was four hours strait of attunements and meditation. It was great at the time, but later on in the day, my medulla was completely flooded with energy. I was giving a training sessions to users and trying to focus on computer stuff while my mind and medulla were going totally berzerk. It was sightly embarassing but really gloriously blissful. Amazing. Focusing was really hard, but the feeling of energy flow in the medulla in spine was sooo great. Can you explain what gives this feeling? Why is it difficult to stay 'awake' ? My eyes rolled-up spontaneously if I shut them and the feeling of bliss submerged me for almost two hours. Pascal

Namaste Victor, greetings and the deepest thanks for the Sanctuary level 1 workshop! so, over the last few days i have been working with the sanctuary energies and the overall effect has been a very positive one. the sanctuary first light goes deeper than other shaktis and the nadis attunement has been wonderful! it, too, goes very very deep. my favorite attunement is the sanctuary heart attunement. the feeling of warmth and love in my heart center is just wonderful. furthermore, the ability to share this energy and sensation with others is great! the connection i made with you Victor was very heartfelt. thank you for your love, guidance and service. Namaste, gary

oh, hoh, hoh, o, oho, oh! good stuff Victor, good stuff my friend... good on you, power to ya m.k.

Hi- Thank you very much! The energy during the attunements was amazing. I felt much going on around my head, it is difficult for me to describe in a correct way in English. Only the time for sitting was heavy for me. 40 minutes ... But I did it, and now the practizing everyday is coming. A greeting full of Light, Anneliese

Hi Thanks again for the amazing attunements, I really love the Sanctuary Shakti. I hope to go trought all the course. Jay

Namaste Victor- I really love this process! It also facilitates my "Maha Golden Shakti" experience! Thanks for your service, Really really Love it and respect, Namaste Jayesh

You will receive the Sanctuary Shakti manual via email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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