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Reiki Tao Do

Tao Reiki Do - Taoist Reiki Course

Created by Professor Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs

Following meditating and casting with the I Ching Stuart was meditating on the spirits of Lao Tze, Chuang-tzu and the ancient Wu Shaman.

He channeled this system and was instructed to compile and provide the manual that you will receive.

Tao Reiki Do is an Advanced Master Level Attunement which draws on principles of Tao, Qi Gung and Wu and is different from many other styles of Reiki because of its philosophy and its emphasis on avoiding discourse and verbalism during healing.

This creates a more profound healing power and experience.

Through working with the Tao Reiki Do energies you will gain insight into the realms of Taoism and the art of being at one with who you are and your place within the divine universal consciousness.

Tao Reiki Do - Taoist Reiki Course - Master-$32.00

Hi Victor! Thanks for the light! These minutes were a-ma-zing. I could feel tear roll down my face and my feet were tingling and with a sensation of refreshing heat long after the attunement!!! Many thanks and much light and blessings!!! Angelica

You will receive the Tao Reiki Do - Taoist Reiki Course master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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