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Reiki Dimensions: Prism of Life

Created by Geom

Access All Energy Systems!

Welcome to the Dimensions of Reiki! You are about to enter infinite worlds of the purest love, of the clearest light, of the highest energies. Energies that are the essence of Life and which stimulate, empower and secure physical and emotional health, balance and strength and at the same time mental and spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

Today there are innumerable Reiki styles with many symbols, techniques and meditations inspired by enlightened human beings, angels, spiritual guides and the Source itself.

Dimensions of Reiki is not a Reiki system but rather a recognition of the many paths, an awakening to the many possibilities, it is the acceptance of Reiki as it IS!

In this manual there are 178 Reiki Modalities / Systems and 178 powerful Light-Symbols which represent the energies channeled by each of the systems! These 178 Light-Symbols act as gates to these systems. We can say that they are like energy summaries of the systems that they represent. Each Light- symbol is the Golden Gate to a Dimension of Reiki: A Reiki Style with its specific aims, causes, energies and methods.

Each Reiki modality and any other energy healing system or even every other spiritual system of Light and Love, has a specific feel to it. You can feel this vibration by saying its names several times while relaxed and in meditation. At this time, at this state of Reality, we can access ALL the Reiki Styles and ALL the energy systems and spiritual practices with the power of the Light-symbols which Attune us to the different states and kinds of energy.

You are attuned to each system by its corresponding Light-Symbol which is given by the Source itself. The symbols are golden and vibrate with the essence of each healing method and modality. All of these symbols are not exactly healing symbols but they are in fact Initiatory: They attune us to the specific Reiki Style, Raising our Vibrations and connecting us with the Different aspects of the Source and the Different Dimensions of Reiki/Life.

* Access All Energy Systems and Master All Reiki Styles!

* Increase your healing power!

* The Full Range of the Incredible Beauty of what is known as REIKI!

* Receive 178 Powerful and Highly Awakening Attunements

* The 178 Light-symbols: the Gates to the Reiki Dimensions

* Attune others to the wonderful Dimensions of Healing Light

* The 178 most known Reiki styles and Energy Systems at this time.

Reiki Dimensions- Master-$145.00

You will receive the Reiki Dimensions: Prism of Life master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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