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Reiki Grandmaster Levels 9-20

Reiki Grandmaster 9-18 are advanced Reiki Workshops that contain 1 symbol each.

These symbols are very unique and will be used and appreciated very much.

Reiki 9-18 also contains helpful techniques.

The Higher levels of Reiki which are Levels 5-15 are not part of the Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho System. the symbols and Energy that are used in these Systems hold great power and wisdom.

Reiki 9

You will be attuned to a symbol called Dai Fu Ku or The Great Happiness or the Great blessing - It is for luck and benediction.

Reiki 10

You will be attuned to a symbol called Dai AI Bo or The Great Hope - It brings hope.

Reiki 11

You will be attuned to a symbol called Dai Chikara or Great Strength or Great Force- It brings strength.

Reiki 12

You will be attuned to a symbol called Dai Ai - It brings one love and will help you to achieve your true aim in life .

Reiki 13

Reiki 13 was founded by Roberta Rianad.

Reiki 13 has a very powerful symbol called Dai Hana. Translated the name means, large teacher.

The Reiki 13 Attunement helps you to to contact your internal teacher.

Your internal teacher will give the answers to any questions concerning your life.

Reiki 14

During your Level 14 Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which in English means the I and the SELF. Reiki 14 will take you on an internal journey to rediscover yourself through the use of the meditations and self healings.

Reiki 15

Prerequisite, Reiki Levels 1-14

During your Level 15 Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which in English means My Way to a Joyful Life. Level 15 is for bringing you luck, satisfaction and Love into your life.

Reiki 16

Prerequisite, Reiki Levels 1-15

During your Level 16 Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which helps you to see what will happen and what is to come within your life. This understanding is gained through meditating with the level 16 symbol.

Reiki 17

Prerequisite, Reiki Levels 1-16

During your Level 17 Attunement you will be attuned to a symbol which helps with the divine temple that is yet to come. This divine temple is the temple with you and the temple that is pure consciousness. This understanding and connection to the divine temple is gained through meditating with the level 17 symbol.

Reiki 18

Prerequisite, Reiki Levels 1-17

During your Level 18 Attunement you will be attuned to a symbol which in English means Inner based maturity and spiritual wisdom. It will help you to gain divine wisdom through meditation and connections with the level 18 symbol.

Reiki 19

Prerequisite, Reiki Levels 1-18

Reiki Grand Master 19th Degree is a continuation of the Higher Grand Master levels where each symbol is encoded into your energy field to aid you on your spiritual path as well as with your daily meditations. The 19th Degree was brought forth by Reiki Master and 18th Degree practitioner Catherine Dunne. The 19th Degree symbol represents GREAT FORGIVENESS. The symbol will bring you back to a Zero State enabling you to clear yourself with the blessings of Forgiveness. The Forgiveness of yourself as well as the forgiveness of others.

Reiki 20

Prerequisite, Reiki Levels 1-19

The 20th Degree symbol represents GREAT APPRECIATION & GRATITUDE.

While the 19th Degree cleaned the sale through the act of Forgiveness, the 20th Degree will teach you through daily meditation the act of Appreciation and Gratitude. The Appreciation for what you already have and the Gratitude for what you are given.

For Each Level You will receive 1 Manual via Email, 1 Attunement and 1 emailed certificate & certified lineage.

Reiki 9 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 7 & 8

Reiki 10 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 9

Reiki 11 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 10

Reiki 12 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 11

Reiki 13-Master Level-$45.00
Prerequiste Reiki 12

Reiki 14 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 13

Reiki 15 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 14

Reiki 16 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 15

Reiki 17 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 16

Reiki 18 Master Level-$35.00
Prerequiste Reiki 17

Reiki 19 Master Level-$25.00
Prerequiste Reiki 18

Reiki 20 Master Level-$25.00
Prerequiste Reiki 19

ALL Reiki Master Levels 9-20-$295.00
Prerequiste Reiki 8

Victor, Just received your attunements they really strong and my brain keep on having electricity throughout the attunement! I also saw a very old Chinese old man during the attunement. Thank you so much! Love, Anita

You will receive the correct Reiki Level master manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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