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Reiki Levels 7 & 8

Reiki 7 & 8 is an advanced Reiki Workshop that contains 4 symbols.

Reiki 7 & 8 also contains helpful techinques.

Reiki 7 Attunes you to a symbol that helps you break free from dependence on things or bad relationships.

You will learn to find the source of happiness within yourself and your connection with the Universal Life Energy.

The Level 7 symbol is called The Great freedom and during the Level 8 Attunement you will be attuned to a symbol called The Great Peace which helps to bring peace into your life.

You will also be attuned to the symbol called Anthahkarana

The Higher levels of Reiki which are Levels 5 to 13 are not part of the Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho System. The symbols and Energy that are used in these Systems hold great power and wisdom.

Reiki Levels 7 & 8-Master-$55.00

You will receive the Reiki* Manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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