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Rama Sekhem

Rama Sekhem is unique as it is inspired by Rama.

Rama Sekhem contains eight special Sekhem symbols to access the Rama energy.

Rama Sekhem is the Protection and Freedom of Rama - the Divine Absolute Authority.

Rama contains the universe.

From Rama emerged all the languages of the world.

It is the most ancient and sacred mantra.

Rama was a great warrior of justice.

Rama was the avatar / manifestation of Vishnu who is equal in importance to Krishna.

If you chant "Rama" you attain Paradise and you free yourself from all negativity and every sin. Chanted to a dying person or before dying it frees the soul of all sins.

Rama Sekhem offers a special Amrita (Divine Nectar) Attunement.

Rama Sekhem includes:

* Rama Sekhem Attunement

* Rama Sekhem Symbols

* Rama Sekhem Healing Technique

* Rama Sekhem Meditation.

Rama Sekhem- Master Level-$85.00

Hi Victor, I have to tell you about the Rama Sekhem workshop. It totally connected me with Lord Rama's energy. I had my aura photograph taken just a week after this and my aura was totally blue, just like the color of Shri Rama. It's simple and extermely effective. Thanks, Rishi

You will receive the Rama Sekhem - Master Manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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