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Raku-Kei Reiki

Prerequisite: You must be a Usui Reiki Master

The words Rei-Ki originate from the words Raku-Kei.

It is thought to have been a forerunner of Reiki and incorporates the Fire element of breathing used to increase the energy of Reiki. Raku-Kei is the ancient science of Self-development and Self-improvement.

It is believed that Iris Ishikuro (one of Takata's students) added much of what is taught in Raku Kei. Raku Kei is also sometimes referred to as "The way of the Fire Dragon". Raku is the vertical flow of energy and Kei is the horizontal flow of energy in the body. The two cross at the 'Hara' or solar plexus center. The cross formed by the Raku and Kei energy is the cross which represents the four Cardinal Points and four elements

The seven major chakra points, the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven notes of the musical scale are all connected and balanced harmoniously with the various Raku Kei symbols to create a powerful healing and development key.

There are 4 levels or degrees in Raku-Kei Reiki


The First and Second Degree are taught as one class; 2 attunements; teaches a different history about a man named Rolf Jensen who took Reiki from Dr. Usui, percepts, hand positions, disease and treatment with Reiki, uses Master Frequency plates (with Antahkarana symbol inside) to switch the polarity of the body to left giving/right receiving (Robertson claims Takata and Ishikuro had and used these plates), 3 traditional symbols are taught, plus 1 additional symbol, a distance healing technique and 3 Kanji hand positions (Mudras).

Third Degree teaches the Sacred Secrets of Reiki. The chakra system is covered and some of what you will learn is: about how color and sound relate to each chakra, as well as the planetary influence and more.

Fourth Degree/Master Teacher. You will learn how to pass attunements and additional meditations are given. Every student must show proficiency in the Attunement procedures, know all the symbols and must be dedicated to healing the Mother Earth.

Raku-Kei Reiki Levels 1-4 Master-$45.00

You will receive the Raku-Kei Reiki Levels 1-4 Master Level manual and 3 Attunements via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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