Radionic Machine

The Radionic computer is an extraordinary instrument which can analyze anything material or non material. The computer works by detecting individual energy patterens of the specimen using the extra sensory perception of the operator.

Radionic Machine

The Radionic computer will discover the root cause of any ailment in man, animal or plant. It will discover illnesses before they become pathologically apparent. For instance, the common cold can be detected up to 5 days in advance before the symptons become apparent to the patient. We can then be in a position to give Preventive medicine before the cold takes hold.

Radionic research has shown it can detect and analyse poisons in foods, water and discover fall-out from atomic radiation. Anyone who is interested in learning Radionics should pay heed to the words of a former Master of this Science by the name of Bruce Copen.

"There is no doubt that as you become enlightened as the result of using Radionics, life will only respond to natural forces and not to many of the harmful chemicals and drugs forced upon us these days. Once you have become Aware, then you will start living and employing an interesting and rewarding existance, by KNOWING of the Universe which is within us."

Silver Cord Reattached

The Silver Cord is attached to the end of your tailbone and this can become loose though operations accidents, drugs, falls or great emotional strain. It keeps your spirit in the body and at night you astral travel in your dreams the Cord detaches and then the cord brings you back to your body. When the Silver Cord becomes loose, the need to leave the body is very strong and produces thoughts of suicide. When the cord is reattached the desire to die leaves.

This is called the seat of WILL TO LIVE. This is a very dangerous situation for the person will not be themselves, very edgy, wanting to go somewhere but not knowing where and feel like they are going out of their minds. When the cord is reattached this all leaves. You have to remember this is the natural way to die.

The cord is the first thing to become loose so that you may leave the body. But if it is not time for you to go on, then it has to be reattached.

Please email a picture when signing up for any Radionic work.

Silver Cord Reattached--$30.00

Chakras- Aligned and Unblocked

This consists of unblocking, aligning and energizing the chakras. This includes the 7 major and 8 smaller centers. The chakras are the wheels of life that brings in the energy from the universe into the spleen area and then it is distributed throughout the body by these centers. They look like wheels with spokes. At each of the major centers are the glands or the body that it sends this energy to. When there are blocks at these centers the glands start to have problems causing a shut down of the system.

Chakras- Aligned and Unblocked--$35.00

Central Nervous System - Balanced

There are new energies coming in from the universe that penetrate our system while we are asleep. This can cause pains in the legs and especially the lower back near the tailbone. In fact many may think that their back is broken at times from the force of this energy.

Central Nervous System - Balanced--$25.00

Spirit Releasement

Referred by some as De-possession, the force field is opened and the entities are taken out. The force field is then sealed and the chakras are accessed regarding damage to the system. In death many people do not know that they have died, so they wonder around. All discarnate entities are taken out with the help of the Angels and are taken to where they are supposed to go for their own evolution.

Spirit Releasement-$75.00

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