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Quantum Body Qi

Created by Hari

Prerequiste: Holy Fire Tummo or 3rd level Sathya Tummo

Quantum Body Qi is an unique, simple and wonderful healing energy system.

It is very suitable for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing work.

Quantum Body Qi has a very soothing and meditatively calming effect.

It helps to ease stress and tension and supports the natural self-healing powers and energetic equilibrium.

Quantum Body Qi is a powerful energy, it can say if the Quantum Body Qi as the next lessons of Holy Fire gTummo and also as an advanced lessons of Sathya Tummo.

Quantum Body Qi also can be combined with all other conventional types of therapy and even intensifies their characteristics.

Quantum Body Qi strengthens one's own consciousness and self-responsibility in dealing with this life force or cosmic energy. Quantum Body Qi is independent of any religion and can be taught to anyone without previous knowledge or experience. Quantum Body Qi System:

* Quantum Body Qi is very efficient with regard to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing work.
* Quantum Body Qi is an easy application and in its efficiency, clarity and purity.
* Quantum Body Qi is not addictive.
* Quantum Body Qi supports one's consciousness and self-responsibility in dealing with the life force.

Contents Of Quantum Body Qi 1:

1. Microcosmic Orbit Activation: To strengthen our inner fire energy and circulating universal force energy.
2. Heart Fire Activation: Conneting us with the unconditional love in the universe.
3. Eight Directions Exercise Activation: This exercise works well to pull/attract the universal energies.
4. One Mind Activation: This activation works well to centering and focusing our energies in a point.
5. Fire Triangle: This activation works well to strengthen the inner fire energies, harmonizing and balancing.
6. Personal Star Connection Link: Works to connect your Earth Star to the Soul Star.
7. Sacred Fire Protective Circle Activation: This activation works to protective your environment.
8. Spirit Guardians Animal Protection: This is used to call and set up the spirit of guardian animal.
9. Green Light Cleansing: To cleans and detoxifies all of the body’s cell.
10. Blue Light Cleansing: Removing and dissolving all kinds of negative energies..
11. Can give the initiation to others.

Quantum Body Qi - Master-$40.00

You will receive the Quantum Body Qi master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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