Pyramid Course

Pyramid Therapy Course

Pyramid Therapy course manual is emailed to you to study in the privacy of your own home. It can help you immensely in a variety of ways.

Pyramid Therapy teaches you about the secret energy of the pyramids.

Pyramid Therapy teaches you how to get the maximum benefits when using a Pyramid?

Pyramid Therapy has many interesting topics about Pyramids which will sound incredibly amazing.

Pyramid Therapy also teaches about some of the complementary therapies and how to enhance, unblock and harmonize our environment to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

Pyramid Therapy also teaches us about the usage of Fengshui concepts in conjunction with Pyramids.

Pyra-FengShui concepts emphasize remedial measures to improve our "earth luck" without involving expensive physical alterations to the plots, building, house or factory.

Pyra-FengShui concepts focus on investigation and rectification of possible faults in our living environment, with several advanced techniques like "Virtual Shifting" and "Virtual Rotation".

Pyramid Therapy is of immense benefit to us because it shows us how to gain health, wealth and happiness.


Egyptian Civilization
Mystic Geometry

Analyzing the Pyramid
Working principle of the Pyramid
How to make your own Pyramid
Shape analysis of the Pyramid
How to increase the power of the Pyramid

Therapeutic Uses of Pyramids
Pyramids In Chakra Therapy
Seven Chakras
Pyramid Power In Chakra Therapy
Pyramids And Crystal Therapy
Crystals And Chakras
Purifying And Charging The Crystals
Uses Of Crystal Pyramids
Color Therapy
Color Energy
Principles Of Color Therapy
Seven Major Colors
Pyramids In Color Therapy
Pyramid Energized Water
Acupressure Tools With Pyramids
Acupressure- Reiki

Introduction To Pyra-FengShui
Pyra FengShui
Advantages Of Pyra-FengShui
Pyra- FengShui Tools
Gravitational Center
Before Constructing Your Building
Pyra-FengShui For The Center
Irregular Shaped Plot
Pyra FengShui For Plots Having No-Center
Center Activation For Appartments
Door Activation
Pyra-FengShui For The Office

Fifteen Essential Tactics For Your Business
Advanced Pyra - FengShui

Virtual Shifting
Center Stairs - Conveyors Of Chi
Pyra - FengShui For Kitchen
Pyra - FengShui For Bedroom
Energize Your House/Office

Pyramid Therapy-$45.00

You will receive the correct Pyramid Therapy Manuals via Email. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all our Workshops.

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