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Purple Reiki is very effective to open blockages and stuck energy. Sometimes clients as well as their healers are not aware that there is stuck energy and mistake it for blocked chakras.

Purple Reiki will go right to that stuck energy and unblock it and an immediate difference will be felt by the client and the healer. The area may heat up to a high degree and the healers hands my heat up and become red, but this will only last a few minutes and no need to worry.

Purple Reiki's sheer power and speed of energy transmission will amaze all those who use it in healing sessions. Most people disregard Purple Reiki as just another one of those new systems out there! Do not underestimate Purple Reiki.

Prerequiste: Kundalini Reiki Mastership

Purple Reiki - Mastership Workshop-$25.00
Free with any Workshop you take

Hi-I can really feel the heat coming out of my palms for this. I also took some free workshops from another person but it was not as tangible as yours. Warmly,Chris

Hi-Victor, Attunement in Reiki Purple it was very strong, it is a splendid energy, a very direct energy. Many many blessings Alessandro

Hi-I did the attunement today. My hands got really hot and I felt a conection like an energy field around my head from the ears up. It felt good. Thanks alot! Brett

You will receive the Purple Reiki Master Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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