Psychic Mini Course

Psychic Mini Course

Psychic Mini Course Includes:

MANUAL # 1- Thought Vibration Course Manual

1. The Law of Attraction in the Thought World
2. Thought Waves and their Process of Reproduction
3. A Talk about the Mind
4. Mind Building
5. The Secret of the Will
6. How to become immune to injurious Thought Attraction
7. The Transmutation of Negative Thought
8. The Law of Mental Control
9. Asserting the Life-Force
10. Training the Habit-Mind
11. The Psychology of Emotion
12. Developing new Brain Cells
13. The Attractive Power - Desire Force
14. The Great Dynamic Forces
15. Claiming your Own
16. Law, not Chance

MANUAL # 2- Practical Mental Influence Course Manual

Mind Building
The Secret of The Will
Asserting the Life-Force
The Great Dynamic Forces
Claiming Your Own

MANUAL # 3- Science of Getting Rich E-book

How Riches Come To You
How to Use The Will For Maximum Results
Acting in The Certain Way
Efficient Action

MANUAL # 4- Personal Magnetism

Physical Magnetism
Generating Nerve-Force
Mental Radiation
Magnetic currents
Corporeal Magnetism

MANUAL # 5- High Magick

Astral Projection
Tattwa Vision
I Ching
Invocation Of The Gods

MANUAL # 6- Be Your Own Psychic

MANUAL # 7- Free Bonus-Think & Grow Rich (Classic Masterpiece)

MANUAL # 8- Free Bonus-Fusion Reiki

Psychic Mini Course-ALL 8 Manuals-$25.00

Full Resale Rights to the Psychic Mini-Course. You Can Train Others with this Mini-Course!

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